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This week, the doors of the Champagneria ‘Five Brothers Fat’ will open at De Clercq Street 56 in the restaurant area of Amsterdam-West. Inspired by the Champagneria in Barcelona. The idea for a Champagneria originated in a trip to Barcelona by five hospitality brothers. During the trip they visited the famous and very popular Cava bar in one of the side streets of Barceloneta. A success story at the Mediterranean coast and one of the places to be seen in Barcelona. While enjoying freshly prepared tapas, the bottles of Cava Rosat keep passing your table! No fuss, just authentic and good.

Champagneria, the Amsterdam way

The ingredients at ‘Five Brothers Fat’ are the same; drinking bubbles and enjoying small bites until late hours but then in an unique Amsterdam way. In addition to Cava and Champagne, a cocktail card is compiled by one of the World Class Bartender Competition finalists.

The cuisine is characterized by Spanish small bites with a twist. For example, at the menu you won’t find the usual tapas but modern little dishes with influences from Asia, South and Central America that are ideal for sharing. The dishes will vary monthly to keep the guests surprised.

The interior will remind you of the many Spanish Cava bars, but with a contemporary look. With an open kitchen, chef’s table and a marble bar to enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

In order to experience the character of a Spanish Champagneria in Amsterdam, ‘Five Brothers Fat’ imports the first ‘Can Paixano’ Cava of the famous Champagneria from Barcelona as the first catering business in the Netherlands. In order to experience the accessibility, the ‘Five Brothers Fat’ will offer this Cava for less than fifteen euros per bottle.

Website: Five Brothers Fat

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