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YouTube is a great source for inspiration and trend spotting. On a daily base, thousands of clips are being uploaded, and we pick out our personal favorites on a weekly base. This week another top 3 of culinary videos worth watching, based on the interests of Mike Adam, one of our writers. With this week videos about chef Shion Uino from restaurant Sushi Amane in New York City, Mike loves the video because of the focus and calmness with which he creates his sushi. The video about Steven Spurrier is cool for wine lovers, Steven is a wine connoisseur who organized the first wine tasting back in 1976 where he had wines from California blindly tested against wines from France. And do you want to know more about why caviar is so expensive? The third video about cultivating the sturgeon might be interesting to watch then!

Chef Shion Uino Is the Sushi World’s Next Big Thing — Omakase

In this video, former student Shion Uino of Sushi Saito shows how he creates sushi. He recently opened his Sushi Amane restaurant in New York City and he is one of the youngest sushi chefs with a Michelin star.

It’s great to just watch Shion Uino create his sushi with focus and calmness! His restaurant, materials and techniques are beautiful to see. I think every food lover wants to experience this once, just watch a chef like Shion Uino prepare his sushi right in front of you! The entire video above from Eater from 0:00 to 13:15 is cool to watch.

Meet Steven Spurrier: the man who changed wine forever

A video about Steven Spurrier from 2015 but I found it very interesting to watch! The video shows his history, why he is so popular and he explains in his own words. Spurrier became known by the fact that he opened a wine shop and later a wine school in Paris although he is an Englishman. Back in 1976 Spurrier organized the ‘Paris Wine Tasting’, in which he invited 9 French wine connoisseurs, to  blind taste 20 wines. Five red and 5 white from France and 5 red and white wines from the, at that moment, unknown wine region California. The wines from California were chosen as best and this is seen as the trigger for the acceptance of wines from the new wine world!

What I like about the video is that this man breaths wine. As a young man he came into contact with wine and from that moment on it controlled his life. While the wine world in France was still very conservative, he broke this in his own way, a pioneer! This video from Munchies shows that the wine world has changed and you don’t necessarily have to have a strong affinity with wine to appreciate this video, especially from 00:00 to 09:16. The whole video lasts 15 minutes. Later in the video he gives some insight into his own attempt to produce English bubbles on chalk ground in England. My colleague Marjolein loved that part.

How Russian Sturgeon caviar is farmed and processed

A 9-minute video about a sturgeon nursery in America where they produce caviar. In the video you can see how the sturgeon is farmed and how the caviar is extracted. The length of the process and the final revenue are explained in the video. The interesting thing about this video, it shows why caviar is an expensive product, even if it’s cultivated. It’s a lot of manual work and the success of the caviar revenue is not easy to determine in advance. The sturgeons even get an ultrasound to determine if they’re ready for harvesting the eggs! The video of Eater is especially interesting from 3:30 to 9:00.

Bron: Mike Adam

Website: Van Spronsen & Partners

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