Hofhouse | Huge hospitality concept in The Hague


Spring 2017 the new hospitality concept Hofhouse, located next to the central station of The Hague, will open its doors. Hofhouse is situated on the ground floor of the new flexible government office Rijnstraat 8, during the year several government departments will move to this location. The architecture and interior of this sensational building is designed by the renowned architects of OMA by Rem Koolhaas. Hofhouse is inspired by a veranda and will be the hospitality lobby of The Hague. The exploitation of Hofhouse is managed by ISS Facility Service. The project has been guided by our colleagues of Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultants, they are responsible for the concept and the recruitment of the hospitality entrepreneurs.

Fixed and pop-up food concepts

The high quality hospitality concept is divided into six fixed concepts, two pop-up food concepts and a central bar. The dynamic place of 1.000 square metres is suited for breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks and dinner for business visitors as well as tourists and local guests. Guests have the possibility to eat-in or take-away. Hofhouse offers a mix of in total eight different hospitality experiences, divided into six fixed islands and two dynamic pop-up elements, changing every season. The food concepts will be exploited by famous hospitality players who will join forces to make the project successful. The central bar concept will be exploited by Hofhouse. The location offers 350 seats and enough space for take-way.

Transparent interior

The hospitality concepts will be centralized within the 1.000 square metres area and will offer their guests a look into the kitchen. Several seating areas are created, like a big reading tables, classic table setting for lunch and dinner, bar seats for a quick consumption and sitting areas for get-togethers and groups. The interior of Hofhouse features a transparent appearance, with giant plants and clear sightlines. Striking is the architectural globe in the ceiling which is a connecting element with the above situated area. As from this spring the terrace will be opened with existing seating elements.

F&B selection

Currently a deliberate selection is made with hospitality concepts who will participate in this extraordinary hospitality concept. Hofhouse is looking for local and nationwide concepts. Concepts who already participate in the project are the Mexican food concept Salsa Shop and salad bar concept SLA. Both entrepreneurs, with roots in Amsterdam are strong hospitality concepts who fit the ambitions of Hofhouse.

Opening hours

Hofhouse will be opened seven days a week. For more information about the new project in The Hague, visit their website or Facebook page.

Website: Hofhouse

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