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Marjolein van Spronsen blogs about an initiative from California where catering companies and restaurants offer a ‘plate pass subscription’. Definitely an idea for restaurants in neighbourhoods with many dual-earners and their families.

This blog has been posted in Dutch recently at the website of Van Spronsen & Partners Hospitality Consultancy.

Urban Plates | Healthy cooking for the community

I can still remember the times with children, the frenzy when you didn’t plan your meals for the week. Picking up children from day care or after school, before or after quickly thinking about what you’re going to eat and then shopping for ingredients. This is a while ago for me and of course there were no meal box subscriptions back then. Recently I read about a ‘plate pass subscription’ at Urban Plates in California.

Urban Plates is a chef-created, fast-casual restaurant that offers healthy, homemade meals at affordable prices. They recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their Plate Pass, the membership-based food subscription program. Plate Pass members can purchase all Urban Plates dishes for a fixed price of $11 (or less) with a $10 monthly membership.

They have a very professional operation with an app and lots of locations but of course this could just as well be executed by a local restaurant: healthy cooking for the community. Many restaurants offered weekly menu’s during the many lockdowns we have endured during this pandemic, why not offer an additional healthy, affordable alternative. Maybe one that is even a little cheaper for families. Especially if you know your guests, the portion size per person, per family is easy to adjust, so you also limit waste. And the fact that so many are ordering food during these times is surely a sign that there is a market for it. This initiative can be set up and easily offered next to our normal mealservice in restaurants and bars.

In fact, these are initiatives that can easily be organized by local supermarkets in collaboration with local restaurants, a great way for retail to support the hospitality industry. We see occasional examples of this but far too few!


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