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  • Happyhappy tea time by HappyhappyjoyjoyHappyhappy tea time by Happyhappyjoyjoy
  • Happyhappy tea time by HappyhappyjoyjoyHappyhappy tea time by Happyhappyjoyjoy

It’s Happyhappy tea time! From the 14th of February you can book your Asian High tea at Happyhappyjoyjoy in Amsterdam, an colourful Asian streetfood hangout. During the high tea you’ll be able to enjoy a bamboo basket full of carefully selected Asian sweet and savory bites including a hot pot of Jasmin tea to share.

Asian high tea

The high tea will be available at all the locations of Happyhappyjoyjoy in Amsterdam (West, East and South). The high tea will be served in a bamboo basket, including small peking duck baos, gyoza, spring rolls, lucky bags and more sweet dishes such as sticky rice, sesame balls, mantao (steamed Chinese buns) and layered cake.

The price per person for a high tea is € 19,95 and according to the Happyhappyjoyjoy team it’s perfectly suitable for birthdays, baby showers or other get togethers. Reservations can be made till one day in advance and only between 12:00 and 17:00 by mail.

About happyhappyjoyjoy

The turbulent streets, rich flavors and bright colors of Asia, typical for cities like Bangkok, Saigon and Hong Kong, come together in Amsterdam. Steaming pans, sizzling barbecues and hot woks in the large open kitchen are at the heart of Happyhappyjoyjoy West, East and South. Discover these hangouts with a menu of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

You can find Happyhappyjoyjoy at the Bilderdijkstraat (West), Oostelijke Handelskade (East) and Ceintuurbaan (South) in Amsterdam. At Happyhappyjoyjoy you will find everything that makes you happy in Asia. Once inside, you can’t help but smile. These restaurants are a cheerful collection of colors and typical Asian flavors. The playful, organized eclectic chaos is inspired by the typical Asian local markets and busy streets, and it will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of it all.

Website: Happyhappyjoyjoy in Amsterdam

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