‘HANS IM GLÜCK’ chain presents a climate-neutral burger


  • HANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burgerHANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burger
  • HANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burgerHANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burger
  • HANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burgerHANS IM GLÜCK - the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burger

A comprehensive range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, a burger with an insect patty or biodegradable straws – HANS IM GLÜCK has been an pioneer of the industry in sustainability since its founding in 2010. Now the company is once again setting new standards with the climate-neutral WEGWEISER burger.

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The WEGEISER consist of a nutty falafel patty, spicy goat’s cheese and aromatic grilled vegetables. WEGWEISER combines culinary and aromatic grilled vegetables, it combines culinary delights with a good conscience and without sacrificing the best HANS IM GLÜCK taste. The perfect shaped patty is topped off with a delicious garlic sauce.

“We want to redefine the term ‘better burger’. We are not only interested in guaranteeing our  guests the best taste – we also want to offer them the highest level of enjoyment with a clear conscience,” says Peter Prislin, Director Marketing Strategy & Communication.

Peter Prislin, Director Marketing Strategy & Communication, comments on the launch of the new burger. We chose the name ‘WEGWEISER’ (Signpost) because we see this initiative as the next step on our shared path to a more liveable future.

Climate neutral from A to Z

For the implementation of its ambitious sustainability project, HANS IM GLÜCK is working together with the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. The balancing of the resulting greenhouse gas emissions is carried out on the basis of the criteria of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The data for the WEGWEISER was collected from manufacturers, suppliers, logistics partners and at burger grill-restaurants. The delivery business of external service is not included due to a lack of data.

“By calculating the greenhouse gas emissions, we are confirming responsible behaviour towards the environment. Thanks to the growing awareness of sustainability and safety standards, customer demands from the food industry and in the catering industry are increasingly moving in this direction. We are pleased to accompany HANS IM GLÜCK in the next steps towards the ground-breaking development of its range,” explains Marta Schlichting, who is responsible for awarding hallmarks at the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

Compensation according to the Gold Standard

HANS IM GLÜCK offsets the resulting greenhouse gas emissions by, among other things, supporting a climate protection project in Abuja/Nigeria, which provides families with energy-efficient stoves made of clay or metal. The use of these stoves helps to save large amounts of energy, as the energy for cooking can be better used for cooking and there are less health hazards caused by cooking on an open fire.

The climate-neutral, vegetarian burger WEGWEISER with falafel patty, goat cheese, grilled vegetables and garlic sauce will be available from 28.04.2022 in all HANS IM GLÜCK burger grills.


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