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Each year it looks like there are more and more food festivals to visit in The Netherlands. Festivals where you, together with others, can enjoy the most delicious dishes, drinks and music. As The Hague offers a wide variety of restaurants, serving foods from all over the world, it’s decided to bring all these restaurant together for a food festivals. The Haagse Wereld Hapjes event will take place from the 30th of June till the 2nd of July at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague. Another reason to work a bit harder at the gym ;-).

Haagse Wereld Hapjes, the event

Haagse Wereld Hapjes is a new festival in The Hague where visitors can discover and taste (un)familiar dishes from different countries. Over 25 restaurants located in The Hague will prepare their signature dishes. The first edition of the festival will start Friday, the 30th of June! Enjoy food and drinks while listening to music (Funk, Soul, Jazz, Easy Listening) three days in a row! Whether you want to have a nice evening out, have a big lunch or have a culinary enjoyment with the kids, the festival is suited for all ages. While the parents enjoy a snack and a drink on the terrace, children can go to a kindergarten for a fruit and vegetable workshop or pick up the special ‘Haagse Wereld Hapjes fork’ which they can use to try something from a ‘special pan’ at each restaurant.

Michelin star chefs

On Friday and Saturday, five Michelin star chefs from The Hague will serve a 10-course meal as special VIP treatment. Chefs Niven Kunz (Niven), Han Ji (Han Ting), Jeroen van Brecht (Savarin), Marko Karelse (Villa la Ruche) and Marcel van der Kleijn (Callas) are the chefs who’ll cook their signature dishes. A matching wine arrangement ensures that these dishes fit with the ten-course VIP treatment.

For this arrangement on Friday and Saturday nights there’re 250 places available. More information about the VIP arrangement can be found on the website.

Food festivals in the Netherlands

Last month we wrote a list with 10 Dutch food festivals that are specialized in one product. Have a look at the list to see which food festival will be organized closer this year.

Website: Haagse Wereld Hapjes

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