Food Festivals | 10 Dutch food festivals that are specialized in one product


  • Vissch Festival
  • Jenever Festival
  • Amsterdam Coffee Festival
  • Amsterdam Coffee Festival
  • Jenever Festival
  • Vissch Festival

Spring has arrived so let’s take a moment to look at this year’s upcoming food / drink festivals. Enjoying food, drinks, music together with friends whilst enjoying the nice weather. Because it’s a bit too much to make a list of 200 festivals this summer, we decided to make a list of 10 Dutch food festivals that are specialized in one product.

Jenever festival Schiedam 

It’s not a surprise that the Jenever festival is going to be organized in Holland’s Jenever capital Schiedam. Currently also named as Gin City. This has to do with all the traditional branch’s initiatives to create tasty gins. The festival will take place from the 9th until the 11th of June, at which the Saturday will be characterized by gin.

Gin Festival Amsterdam

After last year’s successful launch, this year’s Gin Festival is returning to the NDSM-space in Amsterdam. On the 19th and 20th of May, about 200 gin brands will give you the opportunity to taste their gins. Next to that, the program also consists of workshops and presentations about everything that’s related to gin.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 

During The Amsterdam Coffee Festival, everything will dedicated to coffee. The Dutch people love it! Not only the Dutch people like coffee, the festival is also organized in London and New York. Unfortunately, the 2017 edition already took place. If you’ve not been able to visit the festival, then make sure you write down next year’s date.

Dutch Tea Festival Utrecht

Next to coffee, the Dutch also crazy about tea. That’s why, on the 28th of May, the Dutch Tea Festival will take place. The festival will take place in DeFabrique in Utrecht. During this year’s event, you will find a tea market, tea ceremonies and workshops. Simply everything you want to know about tea.

Sushi Festival

Sushi is still very populair! That’s why this year several sushi festivals will be organized. In Utrecht and The Hague you will find Sushi Festival Joy and in Amsterdam you can visit the Happy Sushi Festival.

Chocolate Festival Amsterdam

Last February, the Chacao event was organized for the fifth time in a row at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. The date for next year’s event is set and again they will teach you everything about chocolate. What are the latest trends and developments, what will the future look like and probably most important: how does each piece of chocolate taste?

Halal Food Festival Nieuwegein 

Unfortunately, this year’s Halal Food Festival also took place already. The festival in Nieuwegein was organized for everyone who loves halal food or was curious about all the halal products introduced to the Dutch market. It’s unknown if the festival will be organized next year as well.

Italian Event Haarzuilens

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of May, Italia will be just around the corner during the Italian Event at ‘Kasteel de Haar’. It’s North-European’s biggest event dedicated to Italy. Just as the previous events, the Italian Event will take place at the parks and gardens at Kasteel de Haar. This year the city Naples will ‘host’ the event. Chef Giovanni Caminita (known from Dutch broadcasting channel 24Kitchen) will cook and there will be new themed-areas. And of course there is plenty of food, drinks and music as well.

Vissch Festival Scheveningen

The Vissch Festival in Scheveningen will also take place this year. During this festival you can enjoy freshly prepared North Sea fish. This all with a glass of wine, beer, soda and music. Everyone is invited and no entrance fee needs to be paid. The festival, which will be organized on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of October is organized to introduce the start of the autumn and winter at Scheveningen and The Hague.

Beer- and wine festivals

The number of beer- and wine festivals that have been / will be organized are too many to mention. An overview of this year’s food festivals can be found on the website of ‘De Genietende Foodie’. This list includes all the beer- and wine festivals you can visit.


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