GRiD | Playing Real-life Pong


GRiD is a real-life Pong game designed by The Moment Factory. The design studio, located in six different cities around the world, uses the latest techniques to offer people unique experiences. GRiD is one of their last projects, a live-action Pong game where you’re the ‘Paddle’.

GRiD | Based on LiDAR

New technology in one sector can be used in a different way in other sectors. This is also the case with LiDAR, a technique that was originally intended for self-driving cars and should prevent cars from coming into contact with other objects. The Moment Factory saw that this technique could also be used for other purposes and created GRiD.

The game can be played with twelve players at the same time and takes place on a playing field of 12 to 18 meters. On both sides, one or more players use their bodies to get the ball from one side to the other. In the above video you can see how it works.

The Moment Factory

The game was designed by The Moment Factory, which aims to revitalize Social Gaming, inspired by the dynamic arcade game culture in the 1980s. We’ve seen more examples of these classic arcade games from the past getting reinvented. The Moment Factory also indicates on their website that they are considering to technological reinventing multiple arcade games in the coming years. We doubt it whether we will find these games directly in the arcades or leisure centers, the technology is still very expensive. So we need to have some patience!

Website: Moment Factory

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