Glitter beers | Nice gimmick for events


  • credits: Bold Missy Brewery

Several breweries in America and England have experimented with glitters! Three Weavers Brewing Company out in California and the Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina all launched glitter beers. Indeed, beer with edible glitters. Totally safe and perfect to share on social media. This Saturday, it’s St. Patricks Day and we even spotted a green, glitter beer! We wonder whether the Dutch would like to drink an orange glitter beer for their King’s Day?

Glitter beers | Fit the Instagrammable trend

The glitter beers fit the trend of the recent past in which dishes, drinks and snacks are not only intended to score well in terms of taste, but must also be highly ‘Instagrammable’. Even the design of restaurants have to be ‘Instagrammable’. In September 2017 we wrote about this trend and we keep seeing plenty of examples. ‘Glitterbeer’ fits perfectly in this list.

In America and in England a number of breweries created their own glitter beer and we even spotted a green glitter beer for St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated next Saturday. True to tradition, many pubs will pour green beer on this day, adding glitters will make the party complete. Bakell (website that sells bakeware, supplements and decorations), wrote about it in one of their blogs and made a video about how you can get started with glitter beer.

Erica DeAnda, head brewer at Minocqua Brewing Company in Minocqua, Wisconsin spoke to Munchies and said the following about this new hype: “When I get people to come to my booth and try ‘the one with sparkles in it’, they aren’t just saying thank you and walking away to the next booth. They are holding it up, exclaiming, showing their friends, taking photos… it’s awesome.”

Website: Bold Missy Brewery

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