working at a professional kitchen for one day


Through the Dutch initiative hobby cooks can work side by side with a star chef for a day at restaurant Amarone (* Michelin). The chef of restaurant Amarone, Gert Blom, is the ambassador for this initiative the coming year. ‘I genuinely like to allow amateur cooks to take a look at what we do and how much love and dedication we put into our work.’

A glimpse into the culinary world with is an initiative of Hans Zwart. Many amateur cooks secretly do have the desire to work in a real restaurant and turn their love for cooking into a profession for one day. makes this wish come true. Through their website they offer the possibility to work at a professional kitchen in one of the fourteen affiliated restaurants, restaurant Amarone (in Rotterdam) being the only restaurant with a Michelin star. Under the guidance of a professional chef the hobby cooks (possibly in a duo) will work in a professional kitchen, where they can learn some tricks of the trade.

Restaurant Amarone

The award-winning restaurant Amarone is run by star chef Gert Blom. The cooking style of Gert Blom is deeply rooted in, a lighter version of, the French cuisine. From the moment Gert was asked by, he viewed it as a great opportunity to give people a glimpse into his culinary world. As amateur cook you will get the opportunity to learn some of his tricks and apply it to your own cooking.


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