Food bloggers at restaurant Karakter


  • Restaurant Karakter - Makreel met tomaat, komkommer en avocado
  • Restaurant Karakter - Coquilles en mosselen
  • Restaurant Karakter - Dessert, rode biet, appel en parelgort
  • Restaurant Karakter - Hoender, mais en pompoen
  • Restaurant Karakter

Hand picked oysters from Zeeland in the south of the Netherlands, mussels, scallops, parsnip, mackerel, ‘gortepap’ (kind of porridge) and wines from Dutch wineries. The chefs of restaurant Karakter in Rotterdam, Pety Breugem and Nathan Vermunt, prove that Dutch cuisine taste great with their menu that consists entirely of products from Dutch soil, both the wines and the dishes. Horecatrends was invited to taste the menu, along with a number of food bloggers. Inviting food bloggers for the release of a new menu, is a great idea to generate more attention. If you are reading this and you own a restaurant; have you ever give this idea a thought, instead of or next to your standard advertising? Especially with food bloggers with many local followers, this might be an addition to your marketing strategy.

Bram Kosterink consultant at Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy


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