February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day | Zaxby’s created a TikTok #ZaxofKindness challenge


  • the #ZaxofKindness challenge by Zaxby's
  • the #ZaxofKindness challenge by Zaxby's

Mascot Big Z is spreading the love, because who doesn’t want free air hugs? Today is ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’ and although we are still not really used to the ‘Days celebrations’ from the US, we spotted this fast casual concept Zaxby’s, with 900 locations in 17 states with its headquarters in Athens, Georgia, playing with the principle of this idea. Zaxby’s, the beloved chicken restaurant chain, is adopting the ‘Random Act of Kindness Day’ and tries to make it popular by starting the #ZaxofKindness movement on social media. Although we spotted a lot of ‘random acts of kindness’ here as well, like for example the #socialfries at our Dutch Friethoes. With the corona crisis they offer their customers the possibility to donate an extra fries for those who can’t afford. At their social media they show how many ‘frietjes’ (portions of fries) have been handed out! We love this idea and acts of kindness will always be appreciated, every day of the year! Let’s hope more people and businesses will offer their random act of kindness! Check out the #ZaxofKindness on TikTok in this article.

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Random Acts of Kindness Day and the #ZaxofKindness challenge 

Zaxby’s is celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday, Feb. 17 with an innovative TikTok activation. The beloved chicken chain is squawking for fans of the video-sharing network to step up their goodwill game with its #ZaxofKindness challenge. Zaxby’s hopes to launch a movement and kick off its own series of randomly nice brand initiatives on the day set aside to commemorate kindness. “Zaxby’s brand is all about having fun and creating encore experiences,” said CMO Joel Bulger. “We’re trying to help spread some love at a time when folks are hungry for kindness and connection. That’s how #ZaxofKindness was born.”

Random Acts of Kindness Day was created in 1995 by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) to “inspire people to practice kindness and to ‘pass it on’ to others,” according to the organization’s website. According to RAK, scientific evidence demonstrates the positive effects of doing kind things for others, receiving kindness and even just witnessing it.

The idea behind the Zaxby’s challenge is to utilize a TikTok trend in order to boost the message and encourage others to join in. The brand has plans for additional #ZaxofKindness activations throughout the year. And, if media are still pondering the age-old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, Big Z has the answer for you. The mascot doesn’t speak, of course, but he holds up signs to express himself and represent the Zaxby’s brand. Watch for their #ZaxofKindness videos on TikTok and across Zaxby’s social media channels.

“TikTok is an excellent channel for visual storytelling and connecting with our younger audience, so we thought it would be perfect for sharing positivity and inspiring kindness on Random Acts of Kindness Day,” Bulger added.

Website: Zaxby's

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