FEBO canteen | Win a FEBO vending machine for your football club



FEBO is looking for the most fanatic football team in the Netherlands. The current football season is almost over, but FEBO is already preparing for all third halves of the coming season. Untill the 27th of May all Dutch football teams can enter a contest to win a real FEBO vending machine in their football canteen. Everyone from 12 years old can participate in the contest, which runs through Instagram. Check out the ad video at the end of the article.

FEBO canteen

A genuine FEBO vending machine with fresh and responsibly made ‘kroketten’ (croquettes) in your own football canteen! The only thing Dutch football teams have to do is making an original video about how glad they would be with this vending machine. Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FEBOKANTINE. An idea of Natwerk.

Website: FEBO

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