Fancy kebab – fancy fastfood taken to a whole new level!


We have seen it all in the fancy fastfood trend; gourmet burgers, luxury pizzas, crepes galore and the biscuits and chicken wings that you can get in all shapes & sizes in the States these days. However in Paris they have taken it to another level; fancy kebab!

Fancy Kebab or ‘un kebab quasi gastronomique’

Whilst in line you can see the pita’s being freshly baked in the corner, after which it will be filled with fresh meats from Desnoyer, one of the most well-known quality butchers in Paris, fresh herbs galore and two types of freshly made sauces!
The unleavened pita is kneaded and baked in front of the customers from wheat flour and organic spelled wheat. The recipe is developed by Jean-Luc Poujauran, an artisanal baker.
Because the pita is probably not enough they also sell freshly cut & spiced French fries from bio-potatoes that complement the luxury fast food experience. To top it off they sell a selection of exquisite juices, like pêche de vigne Lyonnaise, pamplemousse rose d’Israël or Cassis noir de Bourgogne, different waters, beers & sodas.

Even the biggest snob can’t wait to be in line for this doner kebab! And like the French say; At Grillé they innovated and introduced; ‘kebabs quasi gastronomiques’ ^Leonie van Spronsen

Website: Grille-Paris

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