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Recently, a new joint opened up in New York City’s East Village that focuses solely on serving biscuits around the clock. You Americans reading this will probably think yummy, what a great idea! But for most of us Europeans it’s like, what is that? A cookie? No, biscuits are basically hearty scones that are traditionally served with fried chicken in the US. The founders of Empire Biscuit felt like this traditional side dish deserved some more limelight and opened up a 24 hours biscuit shop last month! At Empire Biscuit you can buy biscuits with many different fillings, depending on the time of day of course. This seems to spark a new battle in the cities’ culinary networks, because who makes the best biscuits? ^Leonie van Spronsen

Bron: Leonie van Spronsen

Website: Empire Biscuit

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