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  • Filliers jenever HorecatrendsFilliers Barrel Aged 30yrs
  • Filliers jenever HorecatrendsFilliers Barrel Aged 30yrs

The French have their cognac, the Russians have their vodka and the Scots have their whisky. And Belgium? Gin(Jenever)! Jenever is therefore something typical for the ‘Low Countries’; the Netherlands and Belgium. Jenever comes across as ‘a popular trend’ to many and cannot match the premium image of cognac, gin or whiskey. But this is not right. The history of jenever or in English genever, goes back 500 years and reads like an exciting book. A history with many ‘up & downs’, in which the drink has fortunately always existed and in which the Belgian Filliers, a family distillery, has played an important role for 140 years. The Belgian distillery now markets the oldest and most exclusive grain genever, ‘Filliers Barrel Aged Genever’ 30 years old!

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Premium Filliers Grain Genevers

In the spring of 2018, Filliers Distillery (re)launched no less than five premium Filliers Grain Genevers. Ranging from very young and clear fresh (0 years old) over an 8 years, 12 years, 17 years and even a 21 year old ‘Barrel Aged Genever’. With these Filliers Genevers, the delicate distillate is matured in oak barrels for a number of years. The result is a refined, soft but above all tasty alcohol with on one hand the subtle taste of the grains and wood tannins so typical of whisky, and on the other hand the refreshing taste of gin. As they says, these genevers combine the best of whisky and gin. From Gold, Double Gold to Platinum, the Filliers Barrel Aged Genevers have won the highest recognitions at prestigious international spirit competitions every year.

‘Filliers Barrel Aged Genever’ 30 years old | On the market for their 140th anniversary

Now the Belgian distillery goes a step further and, in the aftermath of their 140th anniversary, they release a 30-year-old Barrel Aged Genever. Made from the finest rye, corn and malt and distilled in traditional copper combustion plants, the genever disappeared in oak barrels to see the light of day today again 30 years later. With time comes clarity but in this case also a lot of taste. This genever is silky smooth with the round and soft notes of vanilla and caramel and a subtle hint of marzipan. The typical flavors that you get through the use of American oak barrels. The sweetness is perfectly balanced by a light pepper touch and notes of dark chocolate and coffee.

360 bottles, that’s all. Each bottle is in turn packed in a beautiful box with two crystal tasting glasses. Because the oldest and most exclusive genever of its kind deserves a stylish packaging. These bottles, like the other bottles from the Barrel Aged Range, will quickly find their way into the bars of hip cocktail bars and gourmet restaurants. The recommended retail price of the ‘Filliers Barrel Aged Genever’ 30 years old with 47.5% alcohol is €399,-.

About Filliers Distillery 

In 1869 Karel Lodewijk Bought Filliers agricultural land to start a farm. However, it did not take long before his nephew Kamiel Filliers received a permit in 1880 to start distilling alcohol in addition to agricultural activities. For five generations, they have been building on the first steps taken by Karel Lodewijk Filliers. From expanding the site to creating new products. As one of the last hot distilleries in Belgium, Filliers Distillery still works according to a well-kept family secret. The site has three separate distilleries so that they can create a wide range of different spirits at Filliers Distillery.

Over the years, the range of jenevers has been refined and expanded. In addition to the traditional grain jenevers and other genevers and liqueurs, Filliers also produces its own gin and whisky. In addition, Filliers Distillery in the Benelux is also one of the largest distillers of malt wine, a basic product for jenevers and supplies this to distilleries in other countries (Belgium, the Netherlands and Quebec in Canada). Today, the company is led by Bart Cnudde, the first CEO without a surname ‘Filliers’.

There are more than 4.000 barrels in the maturation rooms of Filliers Distillery. The distillery therefore has one of the largest maturation capacities in the Benelux. It is in these rooms where the barrels of grain genever patiently wait until they have the desired quality.

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Website: Filliers Distillery

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