EVERY® Egg unveils liquid egg made without a hen at Eleven Madison Park


  • EVERY Egg omelet - credits EVERY CompanyEVERY Egg omelet - credits EVERY Company
  • EVERY Egg scrambled egg - credits EVERY CompanyEVERY Egg scrambled egg - credits EVERY Company
  • EVERY Egg - credits EVERY CompanyEVERY Egg - credits EVERY Company
  • EVERY Egg by the EVERY CompanyEVERY Egg by the EVERY Company

Last week ingredient innovator EVERY did debut its flagship EVERY® Egg – the world’s first liquid egg made without the hen – at an exclusive dinner at world-renowned restaurant Eleven Madison Park in New York City. Made by yeast fermentation, EVERY Egg will be unveiled following nine years of product development by EVERY, which has raised over $233 million from notable investors including actress Anne Hathaway, AB InBev and Grupo Bimbo.

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EVERY® Egg introduced in a spectacular fashion

EVERY® Egg represents the first product able to match the culinary versatility of eggs and able to be used as a 1:1 drop-in across the hundreds of culinary applications where eggs are used. It delivers eight grams of protein per serving and has zero cholesterol, saturated fat, or artificial flavors.

A group of leading culinary innovators, chefs and creators were among the first in the world to taste EVERY® Egg, which Eleven Madison Park did feature as the centerpiece ingredient in a special event menu through varied culinary creations showcasing its quality. Humm noted, “Eggs are a universal staple in every kitchen, and this is the first time we’ve crafted an event menu around a novel food product. When we prepared an omelet using EVERY® Egg, the taste and versatility was all but indistinguishable from hen eggs. We are excited about the potential of EVERY® Egg to transform the food landscape.”

The unveiling opens the door to a future where delicious, nutritious eggs are finally possible without the production variability, disease risk and high environmental impact of animal agriculture. “By decoupling the egg from the chicken, EVERY® Egg is going to change the way we think about one of the most ubiquitous foods on the planet,” said EVERY Co-Founder and CEO Arturo Elizondo.

Availability of Every Egg, EVERY EggWhite™ and EVERY Protein™

EVERY’s egg products are available for sampling to foodservice operators and will be available at restaurants in 2024. Sign up to be notified of availability at everyegg.com. Silicon Valley-based EVERY has already enhanced numerous commercial categories such as pressed juice, baked goods and beverage alcohol with its game-changing ingredients. These include EVERY EggWhite™, a hyper-functional drop-in for eggs in bakery and alt meat applications, and EVERY Protein™, enabling clean boosting with unmatched optical clarity, solubility and “nearly invisible” taste.

It has not yet reached the stage of a product made from cells such as JUST Egg, but it will be on the American market next year! The question is when can we buy it in Europe?

Website: The EVERY Company

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