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It is almost Easter and with this in mind, The Entourage Group has created special Easter eggs for all its restaurants. All special Easter eggs have their own colour, filling and flavour linked to the restaurants. You can also take all the Easter eggs home with you!

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IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar | Spring Easter egg

That real spring feeling during the Easter season, is exactly what IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar as part of The Entourage Group gives you with its chocolate Easter egg. Because besides the fact that the Easter egg is filled with all kinds of sweetness you can’t get enough of, the outside consists of colourful flowers made of white chocolate. To make sure you can also recreate this feeling in your own living room, the chocolate Easter egg can also be ordered for your home. Between the 5th and 10th of April, you can pick up the Spring Easter Egg for your home. An order must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. This way, you will ensure to have both a colourful and delicious dessert on the table.

MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge | Bronze Easter Egg

In the run-up to Easter you can’t escape the chocolate eggs. At MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, the bakers have come up with a variation on this and created their own unique creation. The Bronze Easter Egg, made of dark chocolate is exactly what you crave during Easter. Upon opening the egg, you will find an overload of macarons, chocolate truffles and meringue. And whether you put an Easter breakfast, brunch or lunch on the table at home; the Bronze Easter Egg is the perfect addition to the table. So should you prefer to celebrate Easter at home, you can order the Easter Egg between 5 and 10 April. For those who like to visit the restaurant of The Entourage Group, you can order the Easter Egg between 7 and 10 April.

MR PORTER | Golden Rabbit Easter Egg

Will you spend hours at a beautiful table for an Easter breakfast or brunch this year, or will the family rather take a seat at a long table, with it all taken care of? At MR PORTER, also part of The Entourage Group, both options are possible. For those who want to celebrate Easter on a grand scale take a seat in the restaurant and enjoy the most magnificent cuts of meat with a nice glass of wine. And the best is yet to come. For dessert, enjoy the Golden Rabbit here, a chocolate Easter egg in the shape of a easter bunny completely filled with sweetness. Starting to salivate already? Rest assured. If you prefer to stay at home, the Golden Rabbit can also be picked up for home and will shine on the table as a beautiful decoration and dessert.

THE DUCHESS | An explosion of chocolate

An Easter brunch is always a good idea, because let’s face it: the smell of fresh herbs while enjoying one of your favourite dishes will never bore you. At THE DUCHESS, you have it all in one. Easter is one of those holidays where way too many delicious dishes appear on the table, either because you simply can’t choose or because it’s a small part of Easter. To make it easy for your dessert, they made a special Easter Chocolate Explosion that is filled inside with all kinds of sweetness. Is this not crazy enough for you? Then there’s always the Easter Afternoon Tea, served in the Tea Room.

ROLADIN Bakery & Cafe | A collection of Easter eggs

At high-end patisserie ROLADIN, the Easter bunnies know only too well that you prefer to put a whole collection of Easter eggs on the table during the Easter season. For this reason The Entourage Group with ROLADIN goes all out and comes up with no fewer than three different specials. Each in its own colour and flavour. Vanilla, pistachio and praline chocolate are the eggs found on top of a doughnut. So not only do you have a complete selection of Easter eggs, a doughnut makes the taste experience even more unique. Bring all three in a box for the family and there is choice for everyone.


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