Equitable: this app discriminates while dividing the bill


No more entrenched discrimination that exist in our society. This apps divides the amount of money that needs to be paid at the end of an evening out. Not everyone will like this as the app is dividing the bill based on salary differences between you and your table partners.

Men get paid better

Although de differences are getting smaller, women still won’t be paid as much as men for the same work they do. Thanks to this new app this inequity can be pulled back a little bit right. What do you have to do? Go to a restaurant with friends with a good salary.

The app is called EquiTable and divides the bill based on gender and race. So if you’re a well-educated white man having dinner with a black friend who just got fired, be prepared to pay more.
The app uses the American ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’. The app uses this data in order to make a calculation ensuring that those with less privilege, pay less to eat. The differences on the bill will only get smaller if the gap between the different salaries is getting smaller.

How does equitable work?

It is very simple. At the beginning of the night out the app everyone downloads the app and enter their demographic details. After finishing the desserts and the coffee it is time to ask the bill and enter this number into the app. Next, EquiTable uses an algorithm which will show everyone what their contribution has to be.

If you have a problem with paying your part of the share, you have the chance to protest with classic excuses which appear on your screen. However, the app will react with statistics which proves you wrong. In the end users can share the bill on social media to draw attention to the differences in salary.

At this point there are still companies with gaps in salary caused by gender- and race issues. This apps shows that this is not done in a playful way. Next time when splitting the bill remember: “You will pay less, if you get paid less”.

Bron: Huffington Post

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