DJ Franky Sticks designs the Duvel Designer Glass 2022


  • Duvel x Franky Sticks glas - credits NiekhageDuvel x Franky Sticks glas - credits Niekhage
  • Duvel x Franky Sticks glasDuvel x Franky Sticks glas
  • Duvel x Franky Sticks giftpackDuvel x Franky Sticks giftpack

For the Duvel Designer Glass 2022, the latest edition of the Duvel Collection, Duvel collaborates with the illustrator and DJ Franky Sticks from Rotterdam. As far as he is concerned, it’s all about movement – whether it be waves of music, people on the dance floor or lines on a canvas. With every movement, something new, something quirky, something devilish can emerge. This is how Franky Sticks and Duvel found each other on the cutting edge of creation, experimentation and innovation. The new Duvel Designer Glass 2022 will be available as of 5 September and will be launched on Thursday 1 September during a jam session hosted by Franky Sticks in his beloved Rotterdam.

We wrote about it just this week: a special glass that people can take home with them. The Duvel Collection is one such example; when you buy a 4-pack, you get 1 Duvel x Franky Sticks glass for free. It is also nice for bars or restaurants to develop a special glass that you can give home! Or a special holder in which you can put a glass? Check out this article for more details. 

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Playing with contrast on the Duvel Designer Glass 2022

Franky Sticks is a true Rotterdam artist. He is raw, self-willed, decisive and has a passion for creation. From an early age, both turntables and paint tubes have attracted his attention: “Everything I do comes from a certain flow. A vibration. From a need to make something. Whether with a marker on paper, a brush on canvas or a needle in the groove of a record. Pioneering and taking on challenges is what I like doing best and that is where Duvel and I found each other. I like to make the best use of shapes and details. The design is inspired by music and the gigs where I drank my first beers. The music, the vibrations of the bass that flow through the glass and your body. Actually, the waves of life, everything we touch comes from that. The Duvel Designer Glass 2022 is partly filled with beer and partly with foam and air, the design with the waves plays with this contrast and brings the floating characters in motion.”

Devil in the details

Pioneering is in the Duvel brewers’ genes. A century ago, they smuggled yeast from Scotland to be able to develop the unique beer. Duvel as we know it today is the result of a long process of constantly reinventing oneself and trying out new processes every time. Everything for the best possible taste. The devil is in the details… Since 2007, Duvel has offered a platform to special artists and performers to let their creative minds loose on that iconic glass. Piet Parra, Morrison Schiffmacher and FAKE preceded Franky, among others.

About Franky Sticks

Franky Sticks is the artist name of illustrator and DJ Frank Stok. His style is characterised by flowing lines combined with a lively colour palette. The playful and at the same time thoughtful work has something timeless and is inspired by the diverse landscape and flourishing mix of cultures of Rotterdam. Doodling is a recognisable part of his artworks. Franky’s portfolio includes murals, digital illustrations, sculptures, paintings and prints. As a DJ he has been behind the decks in clubs, festivals and events for over eight years.

Availability of the Duvel Designer Glass 2022

The Duvel Art Glass designed by Franky Sticks will be available as a temporary gift at various pubs, supermarkets and liquor stores from 5 September. Check their website for more info.

About the Duvel Collection

For the Duvel Collection, a series of international artists apply their most creative designs on and around the Duvel glass. The result is a limited edition art object. In 2010, Parra, Eley Kishimoto and Denis Meyers were allowed to indulge themselves on the glass. Stefan Glerum, Morrison Schiffmacher, FAKE and now Franky Sticks from Rotterdam for the Duvel Designer Glass 2022 are among those who followed. For a highlight overview of artists who preceded Franky Sticks, check out the Duvel Art Gallery video below.


Website: Duvel

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