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Disaronno, The Mixing Stars, makes a step change and starts looking for innovation. The Disaronno project dedicated to bartenders evolves and becomes a journey into the most innovative trends in international mixology. Wouter Bosch (Rosalia’s Menagerie in Amsterdam) is focussing on sustainability and Kevin Kroon (Door 74 in Amsterdam) shows attractive low ABV (alcohol by volume) cocktails. Tess Posthumus, Mixing Star in 2013, does introduce them in two interesting video’s. Their pursuit of innovation started in Milan and after Amsterdam they’re going to London. The chronicle of the journey is online on the Facebook page of The Mixing Stars.

Disaronno Innovation Hunter

Disaronno mixability, the competition which attracted new talents for 10 years has decided to transform The Mixing Star in the Innovation Hunter. A social media based “exploration” with a clear mission: identifying the most innovative trends in mixology and its best interpreters on field. Disaronno has chosen three key cities: Amsterdam, Milan and London. Disaronno is the most consumed Italian liqueur in the world and goes, supported and accompanied by some mixology experts, looking for the most innovative cocktails receipts and trends.


Leading the pursuit of innovation in the Dutch capital is a Disaronno “old” friend: Tess Posthumus, a young bartender, blogger and writer who was elected Mixing Star in 2013. Her choices are totally consistent with the style of one the greenest cities in Europe and with the leading macro trends that are changing society, not just mixology. Amsterdam tells us the story of how mixology has found its own peculiar way to take care of the planet’s resources and how a socially responsible customer satisfaction should also go through the ability to create excellent low-alcohol cocktails.

The sustainable approach of Rosalia’s Menagerie, represented by the bartender Wouter Bosch, is focused on the issue of using raw materials responsibly, reducing waste, having a strong attention to km 0 products. This approach can lead mixology to discover new ideas and new solutions, even creatively impactful. Responsible mixing also means keeping a low alcohol content and serving anyway pleasant cocktail. This is an ability that Dutch bartenders have learnt to develop in recent times. See video in which Tess Posthumus meets bartender Kevin Kroon from Door 74.

Milan & London

The first step of the journey stopped off in Milan. Partnering with two young and brilliant bartenders – Flavio Angiolillo (Backdoor 43) and Filippo Sisti (Carlo e Camilla in Segheria). The Mixing Star has capitalized vision, push to innovation, vitality and motivation to generate new ideas that have made out of Milan one of the European leading cities in mixology. Check out their innovation in these video’s.

After Amsterdam The Mixing Star will arrive in LONDON, where it has already identified a never seen before space, Crucible, a bartending coworking place where professionals who want to explore and test their creativity, can find everything they need.

Bron: Disaronno

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