Deliveroo opens pop-up restaurant


  • Deliveroo pop-up
  • Deliveroo pop-up
  • Deliveroo pop-up
  • Deliveroo pop-up

Last saturday the 16th of April opened Deliveroo opened a pop-up restaurant in Amsterdam. Deliveroo is the first delivery service that opens a pop-up restaurant in the Netherlands. For a week the delivery service presents the biggest menu of the Netherlands in the Kalverstraat. Amsterdam’s favorite restaurants as The Butcher, Cafe George, Max and Anne & Max serve their dishes under one roof in one of the busiest shopping streets.

Deliveroo pop-up restaurant

Amsterdam eats out at Deliveroo. For a while at least. The unique temporary restaurant on the Kalverstraat, which opened its doors Saturday at 11.00 am, is there to give shoppers culinary strength. Hungry guests can enjoy food from local restaurants and hotspots combined on a special menu, just for a week. Whether it’s a healthy snack from the SNCKBR, frozen yogurt from Yogurt Barn or a burrito from the Salsa Shop is; Deliveroo serves the guests with set tables and the biggest menu of the Netherlands.


Deliveroo, arose in 2013 from frustration about delivered food, puts quality of food and delivery at the center. The originally English delivery service serves in the Netherlands besides Amsterdam now also in Utrecht, The Hague and Haarlem and delivers food from local restaurants at home, office or even in the park. This whole week, everyone can experience the quality service. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or an early dinner; in an average of 32 minutes Deliveroo serves to perfectly set tables in the center of Amsterdam. In addition to delicious dishes, can you also win prizes in the pop-up restaurant with Roolette or shoppers can recharge at the Roolax zone.

Deliveroo’s pop-up restaurant is open until 23rd of April. And it opens daily from 11:00 – 19:00!

Website: Deliveroo

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