‘De Vergaderfabriek’ | The world’s first 3D printed meeting location


  • De Vergaderfabriek - artist impressionDe Vergaderfabriek - artist impression
  • De VergaderfabriekDe Vergaderfabriek
  • De VergaderfabriekDe Vergaderfabriek
  • De VergaderfabriekDe Vergaderfabriek
  • De VergaderfabriekDe Vergaderfabriek
  • De Vergaderfabriek - Vergaderen met op de achtergrond projectiesDe Vergaderfabriek - Vergaderen met op de achtergrond projecties

Last week the printing of ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ (the Meeting Factory) started, under great interest from the press. They symbolically placed a time capsule in a cavity of the first 3D printed concrete wall of ‘De Vergaderfabriek’. The time capsule contains letters aimed at the future and which will be opened the moment the building will be recycled in the future. De Vergaderfabriek is located in Teuge, the Netherlands. In Europe it will be the first commercially built 3D-printed building. The building is designed by Pim van Wylick from The Form Foundation.

The idea behind ‘De Vergaderfabriek’

With the motto ‘Awakening in a new world’, Marjo and Arvid Prigge of ‘De Slaapfabriek’ (the Sleep Factory) have developed a totally new vision on training and meetings. They dreamed of an extra meeting location but design-wise they did not want to make concessions to the purpose and quality of this space. By choosing 3D concrete printing, you can build in round and curved forms that directly matches the needs of the users. At the same time Arvid Prigge from Centre4Moods has developed a unique meeting concept for ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ by using wall-filling projections, smells and sound. Arvid and Marjo together shaped a new way of training and meeting that directly connects with the functioning of our brain. ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ is the first location in Europe where people can experience and try out this concept. We wrote about their initial idea back in 2016 and now their idea becomes reality.

Printing a building within 10 days

De Vergaderfabriek’ is the first commercial 3D concrete printed building in Europe. The Meeting Factory will be an example of clean and revolutionary, future building technology that will initiate major changes in construction and society. Berry Hendriks of CyBe: “The new technology will  contribute to the confidence in 3D printing of buildings, both inside and outside the Netherlands.” The Meeting Factory will be printed on location in less than 10 days.

Reduction of material waste

Within the consortium, Ingenieursbureau Witteveen + Bos has been appointed as constructor and experience expert in the field of 3D concrete printing. Hans Laagland and Marijn Bruurs (Structural Engineer) about the advantages of this technique: “It’s good to see where this technique of 3D printing will lead us, it’s much broader and has the potential to realize an enormous sustainability. Consider the reuse of materials, the enormous reduction of waste of material or the alternating use of strong and less strong concrete in a construction.”

Between dreams and deeds

The initiators of ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ are Marjo and Arvid Prigge. Ten years ago they started ‘De Slaapfabriek’ in Teuge. As this location was increasingly used for meetings and training, the idea arose to build ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ for the business market. Because they really wanted to make it  special, they introduced the idea during ‘The Dutch Construction Hackathon in May 2016 in Oss’. During this hackathon the foundation for their dream they’re about to realize was formed. Together with consultancy firm Revelating, a team of companies has been put together from the top of the Dutch 3D printing and construction industry, namely: Cybe, The Form Foundation, Witteveen + Bos, Elma Media, Lexence Advocaten and Revelating. Project leader Hugo Jager: “The process is a succession of trying, analyzing and adjusting, our aim is to prove that 3D printing is technically and economically possible.” 

New way of meeting

It becomes a living environment for training and meeting, where projections, smell and sound play a crucial role. Arvid and Marjo Prigge: “We saw that it was time for a new meeting concept in  which we could not only provide individual guests, groups and teams with an unforgettable experience, but also create an environment in which they can meet and work more pleasantly and effectively. ‘De Vergaderfabriek’ is the first location in Europe where people can experience and try out this new meeting environment.”

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