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  • Sterrensnackbox van Sjieke Snacks met 'Vuurzee'Sterrensnackbox van Sjieke Snacks met 'Vuurzee'
  • De sterrensnacks by Sjieke SnacksDe sterrensnacks by Sjieke Snacks
  • Marijn van Doorn van Sjieke Snacks met de sterrensnackboxMarijn van Doorn van Sjieke Snacks met de sterrensnackbox

As of yesterday you are able to buy the ‘starbox by Sjieke Snacks’. Here in the Netherlands we love our fried snacks, we call them our ‘brown fruit’ and love to eat them with a beer. The culinary snacks from Sjieke Snacks are special, created by chefs with Michelin stars. For the first edition, owner Marijn van Doorn, invited five Michelin-starred chefs from the Den Bosch area to share their culinary snacks. Resulting in a box with the ‘Driel mushroom croquette’, ‘Risolle Wagyu and tomasu’, the ‘Thom Kha Kai Kroket’, the ‘Balleke Vigor with foie’, ‘Chicken Corn Thai curry and shrimp’ and Marijn van Doorn’s own ‘Cheese Pata Souffle’. A box with 6 culinary snacks!

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Culinary snacks are trendy

We bet you would love our ‘brown fruit’, have you ever tasted our ‘kroket’ or ‘bitterbal’? Although we all know it’s not that healthy for us, most of us are regularly tempted to snack! We have written a couple of articles already about culinary brown fruit – if you can even call it that when it contains langoustines, for instance. Over the years, we have regularly written articles about our ‘kroketten’ and in June this year, another article on ‘snackization’ – which included examples of chefs who created their own signature snack. And now we can add another product to that list: the culinary snacks from Sjieke Snacks!

About the culinary snacks

Chef Thomas van Santvoort of Restaurant Flicka (*) created the mushroom croquette of Driel – it is filled with a duxelle of mushrooms, shitake and chestnut mushrooms. Flavoured with Tomasu soy sauce and cèpes.

Chefs Dennis Middeldorp and Peter Linnenbank of Restaurant Sense (*) provided the ‘Risolle Wagyu and tomasu’. This risolle is filled with braised wagyu meat from Esch and topped with green peas and celeriac, fresh chives and Tomasu soy sauce.

Chef Edwin Kats (whose recipes from ‘The Great Culinary Croquettes Cookbook’ we often enjoy) of Restaurant Noble (*) created the ‘Thom Kha Kai Croquette’. This is filled with bakkeljauw (white fish), coconut milk, Asian herbs, spices and fish sauce.

Chef Lars Albers of Restaurant Vigor (*) has added the ‘Balleke Vigor with foie’ to the box. This Balleke is filled with foie encased in smoked bacon. Flavoured with Dijon mustard, onion, nutmeg and black pepper. How unfortunate that there is only one Balleke in each box by Sjieke Snacks!

Chef Tom Schoonus of Noble Kitchen Restaurant (*) created the ‘Chicken Corn Thai curry and shrimp’. A distinctly Oriental chicken corn stuffed with chicken thigh and prawns and flavoured with yellow curry paste, coriander, spring onion and ginger syrup.

And the ‘Cheese Pata Souffle’ by Marijn van Doorn himself. And this one sounds pretty tasty too! A cheese souffle filled with Taleggio cheese and pata negra ham, coated in puff pastry and a crispy layer of paneer.

The box can be ordered here and is available for purchase in combination with a bottle of culinary beer ‘Vuurzee’ if required. Also check out the other products from Sjieke Snacks, they sounds delicious as well: a Rendang roll, a Duck spring roll, a Crab Hap, Pulled pork flamekes and a Bami Ramen Block.

About Sjieke Snacks

Owner is Marijn van Doorn, 28 years old from Middelrode. He has been active as a chef for more than 11 years, of which he worked for 3 years at Restaurant Noble in Den Bosch. The contacts he made at that time are the basis of the first edition of the box of ‘culinary snacks’. Since 5 years he has been the chef at his parents’ business (Junior by) De Driezeeg and since March 2021 he started his own company: Sjieke Snacks. Here, he invents and produces (deep-fried) snacks with a twist or in a new look. Of course, you can taste these snacks at De Driezeeg in the cafeteria!

Marijn developed the star snack box in over six months with a lot of testing and tasting! In addition, it is of course great that he can sell it together with the gourmet beer, Vuurzee beer from ‘De Goede & De Stoute’.

Website: Sjieke Snacks

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