Beer meets gastronomy | Brut Beer ‘Vuurzee’ from brewery ‘De Goede & De Stoute’


  • Brut Beer 'Vuurzee' by 'De Goede & De Stoute' brewery

The new Dutch brewery ‘De Goede & De Stoute’ (The Good & the Naughty) was awarded at the World Beer Awards and the International Beer Challenge at the beginning of August with their first gastronomic Brut Beer ‘Vuurzee’. ‘Vuurzee’ has been voted the country winner for best taste in the category ‘Specialty Beer: Brut Beer’ at the World Beer Awards 2019. ‘Vuurzee’ is an elegant blond beer (tripel) prepared with the Pinot Noir grape and champagne yeast.

At the International Beer Challenge 2019, ‘Vuurzee’ won gold for the best design & packaging of the bottle in the category ‘Newcomers: Individual Product’. Both beer competitions are among the most professional beer competitions in the world. De Goede & De Stoute brewery can make extra investments to expand the production process and thus meet the increasing demand through a crowdfunding campaign (funded for more than 100%).

Gastronomic Brut Beer ‘Vuurzee’

Pieter van Doorn, co-founder of De Goede & De Stoute: “Since its establishment in 2017, the brewery has been working for a year and a half on the development and perfection of ‘Vuurzee’. Our hard work has been rewarded by winning an award for both taste and design!”

Vuurzee is an elegant blond beer (tripel) prepared with the Pinot Noir grape and champagne yeast. The champagne yeast gives the beer a dry character and ensures a pleasant mousse in the mouth and the Pinot Noir grape gives the beer a fruity and fresh aftertaste. Because of its rich taste, ‘Vuurzee’ can be combined both contrasting and complementary with dishes, or can be drunk as an aperitif. ‘Vuurzee’ is poured from an elegant champagne bottle.

Brewery ‘De Goede & De Stoute’

De Goede & De Stoute brews beer for the gastronomic world, the world where experience and quality come together. They not only want to brew great beer, but also pay a lot of attention to the appearance and experience. The whole picture has to be right in order to serve the gastronomic world.

Brewery ‘De Goede & De Stoute’ focuses primarily on high-end restaurants and hotels and is – for the time being – only available exclusively in a few restaurants, hotels and wine and beer specialty stores. For example at The Lobby in Amsterdam and in Michelin star restaurants ‘Bij Jeff’ on the Dutch island Texel and ‘Het Roode Koper’ in Ermelo. Distributors in England, Sweden, Germany, China, South Korea, France and the US are also interested. Coming soon is their second beer called ‘Strandliefde’ (Beach Love).

Watch the video about the future plans of the gastronomic brewery ‘De Goede & De Stoute’. The text about the crowdfunding and becoming a Member of this brewery continues under the video.

Becoming a Member of De Goede & De Stoute

The crowdfunding campaign to expand the production process and to meet increasing demand has been successfully completed. But you can still become a member! Members of De Goede & De Stoute benefit from all sorts of benefits, such as special tastings, excursions and the ability to order exclusive beers.


Website: Brewery 'De Goede & De Stoute'  

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