Cuddly toy hotel opens in the Netherlands


The first cuddly toy hotel in the Netherlands will open next week in Sittard, Limburg. Children between the ages of 0 and 12 can bring their stuffed animals to the hotel while they go on holiday with their parents. The temporary hotel is an initiative of Dutch childcare center ‘De Rode Loper’, which recently opened its doors in the city.

Cuddly toy hotel

It’s never easy for kids to choose which toys join them during holidays and which of them need to stay home. All by themselves, without any company. The temporary cuddly toy hotel makes it a bit easier to make a decision. For a small amount of € 0.10 per day, toys can book a stay at the hotel: all-inclusive and including an animation team. The owners of the cuddly toys can follow their adventures through Facebook.

De Rode Loper

Despite the fact that it’s not a real existing hotel and it has basically nothing to do with the hospitality industry, we thought the initiative was well thought out by the childcare center. Parents can get familiar with the childcare center this way and the children are happy that their toy doesn’t have to stay home alone!

Website: Cuddly toy hotel

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