Churned Creamery serves ice cream with a French twist


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At Churned Creamery they work with the BGItaly gelato machine to show the freshness and craftsmanship of the ice cream. Besides that, there is a French twist: they also serve the ice cream in croissants.

Churned Creamery

Anna Blackman, CEO and founder of Churned Creamery has decided to bring back well-crafted, premium quality, traditional ice cream to the market. She opened her first Churned Creamery at Tustin, a city near Los Angeles. At Churned Creamery she works with the BGItaly gelatoMachine to show the freshness and craftsmanship of her ice cream. Anna strongly believes in the 3 elements that are crucial for creating great tasting ice cream being: the best ingredients; the best chef and the best equipment.

The first two elements were acquired by attending the most prestigious Gelato school in the birthplace of ice cream and learning about the best available ingredients from the number one ice cream and gelato supplier in the world. Element number three came to Anna’s attention after attending the Sigep exhibition, where she discovered a modern version of the traditional churning barrel which allows for ice cream to be churned and scooped fresh, right in front of the customer.

This way Churned Creamery offers customers the opportunity to witness the highest quality ice cream made fresh before their eyes. And scoped straight from the barrel.

The French twist

The French twist could be inspiration for other ice cream parlours, you can eat a croissant with a scope of ice cream and toppings at her place. We recently already spotted a donut ice cream cone in Prague and we had a Dutch bakery serving a scope of ice cream in a sweet bun, so we can add the croissant to this list of alternative ice cream cones.

Website: Churned Creamery

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