Battle of the Bees


The ‘Waldorf Astoria New York’ and the ‘Grand Wailea’ in Maui, both members of the Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts brand, held a ‘Battle of the Bees’ to celebrate the National Honey Month. Both hotels have a set of beehives and use the produced honey in culinary dishes, cocktails and spa treatments. During the ‘Battle of the Bees’, at September 4, a panel of judges elected the honey of both hotels, processed in dishes. The Waldorf Astoria New York won the judges’ approval by a vote of 3-2, the Grand Wailea got the popular vote as the media attendees awarded its honey as the best. Actually a bit of a tie. Guests are able to taste the honey-exchanged dishes throughout the month of September.

Crooked cucumbers


  • komkommers

Crooked cucumbers, tomatoes in weird shapes or roots with two legs… Research shows that about 5 to 10% of the vegetables in the Netherlands are wasted, because of their shape, color or size. The wholesale Zegro and ‘Kromkommer’ launched a pilot project where they sell four types of imperfect vegetables this month. The vegetables tastes as good as normal, despite of the weird shapes. During the pilot the current assortment of Zegro will be complemented with imperfect cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and red peppers.

Healthy cocktails of Pierre Wind


  • cocktail

Yesterday the famous Dutch television chef Pierre Wind presented two healthy cocktails. The two non-alcoholic cocktails ‘Happy Vink’ and ‘Way of Life’ contain less than 30 calories and are meant to make people more conscious of their choice of beverage. The cocktail ‘Way of Life’ is based on water, corn and a mix of cucumber, the ‘Happy Vink’ is based on vanilla water with a date mixture.

Get Dirty Farm Tours


  • Get Dirty Farm Tours

This Year ‘Get Dirty Farm Tours’ will be organized in Oregon, Portland. During the ‘Get Dirty Farm Tours’ unique local farms will be visited and in a quest to find the culinary secrets of Portland. The participants will get in touch with the local farmers and get the opportunity to see how the products grow and are produced. One excursion will be organized a month, each month has a different season based theme During the food tour at least two sustainable farms will be visited and a lunch on location.

Healthy Food Camp at festivals


  • healthy food

The demand for healthier food during festivals is increasing, the offer of healthy food needs to grown wider and bigger. Caterer ‘Adams Appels’ responds to this need by providing a Healthy Food Camp during the Mysteryland festival in the Netherlands. The Healthy Food Camp will consist of a healthy dining area with honest juices, slow Mediterranean food and an extensive healthy menu. There will be a natural nutritionist who can advise you on your food choice. Besides the Mysteryland festival, the caterer will also provide the Healthy Food Camp at other festivals.

Tropicana city greenhouse


  • Tropicana

The former swimming pool Tropicana will be converted into a city greenhouse where sustainability, creativity, entrepreneurship, food and coffee are the key. Where the old Wild Water Course was located, now rises a traditional coffee roaster and a coffee shop. The outdoor pool will be transformed into the summer terrace of restaurant ‘Picknick Rotterdam’. And at the mobile pizzeria Old Scuola you can order fresh pizzas made with mushrooms grown at the cellars of the former swimming pool. The new city greenhouse will be ready at the end of July 2013.

Peer-to-peer lending


The platform AirBnB where individuals can offer their homes for temporary rental to tourists or expats has now become a huge success. It appears that more branches copy this concept. We’ve spotted ‘Eat With‘, a website where users can offer their ‘kitchen’ as an alternative for the restaurants in the area. CampInMyGarden, a website that offers sleeping places in gardens and outdoor houses, a cheap night and often at central locations. Now the platform ‘Boat Bound’ is launched. Whether you are looking for a fishing boat, a sailboat or a barge, Boat Bound offers private boats anywhere in the United States, at any price. We wonder when we can rent a boat in the canals for Amsterdam at Boat Bound.

Variation Chef of the year


The ‘Variation in the kitchen’ foundation stimulates consumers, restaurants and caterers to cook healthy, sustainable and creative without meat or fish. This year the foundation organizes the competition ‘Variation Chef of the year’ for the third time. The foundation is looking for the chef that prepares the best vegetarian dish of 2013. Per region a winner will be chosen during the five regional qualifying rounds and the final winner will be chosen at restaurant Librije’s Atelier on October 16. The ‘Variation Chef of the year’ wins an internship at the 100% vegetarian restaurant Joia in Milan.

Amsterdam water promotions


‘Waternet’ organizes activities on the water in Amsterdam to ask the attention for the importance of clean water in the canals. During Queens day the ‘Emergency Boot’ with toilets was launched. This boot prevented that people would pee in the canals or on the street. Three islands with toilets floated at the center of the water. Useful during the watersport season or when there are events on the water!

‘Waternet’ will do an activation on the canals to launch the ‘canal website’ on Saturday June 15. A photo boat of ‘Waternet’ floats around in the Amstel River in Amsterdam and takes photos of people with their boat. The pictures can be found on the ‘canal website’ and the most popular photo will be enlarged on canvas. The canal website contains tips, experiences, photos but also information about terraces and water events.



  • festival

The ‘Farm festival’ (end of the Future of Food Festival) takes place on Sunday May 26th at farm ‘t Schop. The festival is dedicated to food and the future of our food. The organic farm ‘t Schop presents their farm to people who are curious to their beef, the vegetable garden, the farm shop and more. The program includes a market, mini-lectures, cooking workshops for children, a competition, live music and more.

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