Lobby concert during Earth Hour


Every year the Ghent Marriott Hotel in Belgium participates in the global Earth Hour. Last Saturday 29 March they dimmed the lights again during Earth Hour for an intimate free concert from a jazz guitar player and a jazz singer of the conservatory in Ghent. Have a look at the Dutch Issue calendar and inspire yourself with the many (inter)national days you could pay attention to.

Single Origin Roasters: passion for coffee


Roaster and café ‘Single Origin Roasters’ opened its doors in 2003 in Surry Hills, Australia. The guys of Single Origin Roasters really have a passion for coffee and take it very seriously. They are constantly roasting, measuring, mixing and tasting the coffee to create the best composition. They use ethically and environmentally responsible products and solar energy for roasting the beans. In addition, this company helped in creating the first special café milk on tap system ‘The Juggler‘. Customers can also have a breakfast, lunch or one of the seasonal menus besides a good cup of coffee.

Give Back Getaways


#Throwback Thursday. We started in August 2007 with horecatrends.com / hospitalitytrends.eu, in May 2008 we posted an item about the Give Back Getaways from the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. With this program they invite their guests to join their employees in half-day volunteer tourism experiences that contribute something meaningful to the communities surrounding the hotels. Each Give Back Getaways project is unique to the destination. At the website of the chain you can see the whole list of possibilities. As example the video from the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, we can’t image that you don’t want to help!

Edible water


Three design students from London came up with the ‘Ooho’: an easy, biodegradable and edible water bubble. Inspired by the techniques of molecular cooking, they developed ‘edible’ water. The water tank of the ‘Ooho’ is made of algae and can be eaten. Perhaps the solution for all the waste that remains of plastic water bottles. The students won the Lexus Design Award 2014.

The rooster back on the plate


  • haantje

Last weekend, I have been reading a Dutch Magazine ‘Bouillon‘ (spring 2014). Each time a delight to read all the independent and surprising stories with the food culture as theme. Since I recently read somewhere about fried rooster combs I found it very interesting to read (I’m sorry but in Dutch) the story about roosters. Late January Nel Schellekens of Dutch restaurant ‘De Gulle Waard‘ in Winterswijk has prepared a dinner in cooperation with barbecue champion Ralph de Kok, made with all kinds of goodies such as hay rooster, smoked rooster, butterflyd rooster, pâté  etc.  In this article is stated that about 40 million roosters be gassed annually on their first day of life, in the Netherlands only. On the website, the comeback of the rooster (Sorry Dutch only), you’ll find recipes and more background information. They started the website in the hope that less roosters will be killed. I guess I will put a rooster on the menu with Easter. Good to see that there are more and more initiatives to bring ‘forgotten animals’ on the plate. Last week we posted an article about the meat of young goats and the goose isn’t forgotten either. ^ Marjolein

The Big Street food Competition


  • De Grote Streetfood Prijs

The Food Line-up and Streetfood Netherlands organize the ‘Big Street food Competition’ in the end of September. The Netherlands counts more than 200 mobile kitchens (food trucks), but the available street food is currently limited by law. During the ‘Big Street food Competition’ street food entrepreneurs battle in various categories like the best concept or the best piece of meat. An independent jury will choose the winners. Perhaps this contest can influence the (political) opinion about Street food in the Netherlands.

Warm up in the Surf Sauna


The Surf Sauna is specially designed for surfers who want to surf during snow and cold weather. Surfers can acclimatize in the Surf Sauna after their cold plunge. The mobile sauna is available in various sizes from 2 up to 8 persons and is weatherproof. There are special constructions for the surfboard on the outside of the sauna. The Surf Sauna is designed by a group of surfers in Portsmouth. Perhaps wintersporter goers can warm up in the sauna after a day of skiing.

Pilot to prevent wasted goat meat successful


  • Pilot bokjesvlees

Patron Sicco Gerlsma of restaurant Tandjong Priok in Arum presented the results of a pilot against the waste of newborn young goats on 14 March. Before, young goats were wasted because they had no economic value. Through a regional approach involving a goat farmer, butcher and restaurants consumers can enjoy the goat meat in various dishes and prevent unnecessary waste and animal suffering.

Sleeping in a honeycomb hotel at festivals


  • Honingraathotel

No more difficulties with tents at festivals, but sleep in this luxe honeycomb hotel called ‘B&Bee’. The honeycomb hotel consists of several boxes in the shape of hexagonal cylinders. The boxes can be stacked up to four floors and each box offers place for two persons. There is space for luggage, power supply and the honeycomb hotel is fire- and weatherproof. Developer Barbara Vanthorre got the idea for this hotel after a night out in Ghent and this summer they are testing the ‘B&Bee’ at various festivals in Ghent.

Amsterdam turns bread into energy


  • broodvergister

Inhabitants of the Kolenkitwijk neighborhood in Amsterdam threw their bread on the streets because their religion prohibits throwing it away in the garbage bin. This caused a rat plague and other problems with unwanted animals. As a solution the government placed special bread dumpsters in the area. The bread from these dumpsters is used by Pink Pony Express for a national energy experiment in collaboration with micro-biologists. They developed it into a permanent bread digester that can process 10 kg bread into 3000 liter of biogas a day. To celebrate the opening there are three bread baking workshops in the neighborhood on Friday 14 March.

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