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As noted last week, we here in the Netherlands are still in an ‘Intelligent Lockdown’ which means, we’re all working from home if possible and our high schools,  universities, restaurants, cafés, gyms, leisure centers, museums, etcetera are closed. But we can take a walk outside and shop for food and even shop at hardware stores and garden centers. As from yesterday our primary schools have re-opened as have the day-care centres but also hair and beauty salons and physiotherapist are allowed to re-open.

As from the first of June restaurants will re-open with a maximum of 30 persons inside, and a social distance of 6 feet, terraces are re-opening as well without a maximum of guests. This, of course, if the Covid-19 casualties remain low. Our government created a path in which they think our economy has to restart, with no festivals, concerts or congresses till the first of September and even gyms aren’t allowed till then. In the meantime we keep spotting all kind of inspiration worldwide around the hospitality industry.

With this week links to articles about the fact that the Belgians are asked to eat fries twice a week and in the USA you can order fresh DIY pasta kits at some restaurants, great inspiration for other Italian restaurants worldwide!

San Francisco and Seattle are limiting what delivery services can charge restaurants for processing orders, while New York and Los Angeles consider similar policies. And the North Sydney café shifted to grocery store during the lockdown.

The restaurant group Black Sheep in Hong Kong created a viral blueprint for reopening restaurants after a lockdown, a link to where you can download this blueprint.

International design and innovation office CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati launched Pura-Case, a wardrobe purifier to remove bacteria and viruses from clothes. And Cape Town Tourism sends tourists love letters!

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Belgians asked to eat fries twice a week due to excess potato supply

Belgian potato farmers are facing a surplus of some 750,000 tonnes of crop that risks being destroyed because of measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to the sector organisation Belgapom. Potato farmers face the consequences of a crash in the market. Since the lockdown in mid-March, restaurants have been closed, no festivals and demand has slumped. And the near future promises no relief. Watch the video, the text continues below the video.

San Francisco and Seattle are limiting what delivery services can charge restaurants for processing orders, while New York and Los Angeles consider similar policies

On Friday April 24, Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan, city council president M. Lorena González, and council member Lisa Herbold revealed the details of a newly passed emergency order, one which no longer allows third-party delivery apps to charge restaurants exorbitant commission fees. Under this order, the maximum allowable commission is capped at 15 percent of each order’s purchase price. It also mandates that 100 percent of customers’ tips must be given to the drivers themselves, and it makes it illegal for the delivery services to cut their drivers’ pay rates. According to KIRO 7, these restrictions will remain in place until restaurants are no longer limited to offering takeout or delivery only, and are allowed to resume “normal” service in their dining areas. Interesting idea which might work in Europe and the Netherlands as well.

Café  in Sydney shifts to grocery store during lockdown

The North Sydney cafe is one of the coffee places in Sydney getting innovative by selling its remaining stock as grocery. They offer rice, flour, canned goods, coffee beans and alcohol to those who come to get a coffee or some food to go. When cafes will be allowed to re-open, many said that their grocery offerings will remain. We spotted this idea also in London where Brat Farm, Grill and Wine Shop opened in March. The Tomos Parry’s Michelin-starred restaurant reopened as a shop, selling meals from the team and products from their suppliers and wines. And why not? Even after the world gets a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus it might be wise to spread your sources of income as entrepreneur.

Carlo Ratti Launches wardrobe purifier to remove bacteria and viruses from clothes

International design and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati unveils Pura-Case, a portable wardrobe purifier that uses ozone to remove most micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from clothes and fabric. The project aims to address the needs of the “new normal” – that is, the emerging changes brought forward to our domestic life by COVID-19. Pura-Case was commissioned by Scribit, the tech startup which recently converted part of its production line to respond to the current pandemic. Once a piece of garment is hung inside the case, an air purification system by ozone treatment cleans and deodorizes the fabrics. Currently developed as a prototype, Pura-Case is about to be launched through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Cape Town Tourism sends tourists a love letter | ‘We Are Worth Waiting For!’

Cape Town Tourism has launched a new campaign with the theme ‘We Are Worth Waiting For!’ in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign emulates lovers in a long-distance relationship longing to be reunited. Check out the article at Travel Daily Media on how they do this or check the video below. (The text will continue below the video).

A viral blueprint for reopening after lockdown by restaurant group Black Sheep | Downloadable

Comprising 1000 staff across 23 restaurants, the entire group applied clear and rigorous guidelines, including temperature checks on arrival, no physical contact, and regular and frequent handwashing practices. When the group started receiving calls from other Hong Kong restaurants looking for advice on how to adapt to the crisis, they decided to make their guidelines public. It was picked up by restaurants around the world. Check out the download at the website of Fine Dining Lovers, link in the title.

Some of the US best restaurants are selling fresh pasta kits online

Great idea for Italian restaurants, we would love to buy the pasta campagnola from our favourite Italian restaurants as a DIY kit!  A growing number of restaurants in the US, are now offering pasta kits: DIY packages of freshly made pastas and handcrafted sauces for at-home preparation. Check out this article at the Robb Report, link in the title.

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