WATER³ natural mineral water | A sustainable choice for responsible consumers


  • WATER³ or Cubed Water, 100% recyclable from the UK
  • WATER³ or Cubed Water, 100% recyclable from the UK

Very environmentally friendly WATER³ (Water Cubed) from DRINKS³ (Drinks Cubed), 100% recyclable, greater transport efficiencies versus conventional plastic bottles and made with 95% plant based materials. The team behind DRINKS3 has a mission to build a brand based on ethical production and planet sustainability that trail-blaze the rest of the drinks industry for a better tomorrow.

WATER³ natural mineral water is a sustainable choice for responsible consumers, the carton-bottles are made FSC® Certified, they generate 41% less CO2 than disposable PET multilayer bottles and are thus 100% recyclable. WATER³ is sold in the UK for at example at different Whole Foods locations, like Clapham Junction, Camden, Fulham, Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Richmond and Stoke Newington.

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WATER³ sells water in cardboard bottles of plant origin

To help achieve their goal of becoming the UK’s lowest carbon footprint drinks brand by 2022, start-up Drinks³ launched its new premium mineral water in SIG’s unique combidome carton bottle. Water³ is a pure mineral water product sourced from the valleys of Lower Saxony in Germany. The water is packaged in SIG’s carton bottle combidome, which combines the best features of a carton pack with the best features of a bottle, primarily made from FSC-certified paperboard, and provides the best CO2 performance compared to other beverage packaging solutions on the market.

The team at DRINKS³  indicates how they have watched how  the worldwide consumer market  is quickly evolving and embracing ethically produced products en masse. This growth movement  marries directly with the commercial goals of the founders, who are impassioned to create an ethical consumer brand  of difference. They believe that we are possibly the final generation that has the opportunity to combat the destruction caused globally by  man-made climate change. That’s why they know the time is right to bring  a new type of business to the  drinks market, that truly knows how to be a differentiator.

Goal DRINKS³ | Lowering greenhouse gas emissions within the drinks industry

DRINKS³ aims to be a key player  in creating a ‘step change’ in the consumer mindset, helping to shape and change their behaviours through the growing market appetite for  water & flavoured waters. Their WATER³ carton-bottles are produced in a factory that is powered solely by 100% renewable energy sources. As part of their journey towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions within the drinks industry this is one of the ways they are making a refreshing change. At DRINKS³  their mission statement is ‘progress in pursuit of perfection’ and in harnessing this, they have invested significant time and research in reducing single use plastic within the drinks  manufacturing process and  actively encourage their customers to reduce the use of single use  plastic, via reusing their carton- bottles sensibly & recycling them.

Website: DRINKS³

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