Purificate the water


The WaterBOB Emergency Drinking Water Storage turns un-purificated water into drinking water. A nice example for hotels to work sustainable! Watch the video for further explanation!



The Canadian company SYSTEMATEKS creates adjustable and personalized systems. For the Interior Design Show in Toronto they designed a modular Eco-Bar. The Eco-Bar consists of a grid with removable panels that can be adapted in racks, cabinets or (transparent) panels. The bar is also equipped with solar panels that provide power and it collects rainwater to watering the plants.

Grilling above a volcano


On the Spanish island of Lanzarote a restaurant found a sustainable way of grilling. The restaurant uses the heat of the sleeping volcano El Diablo, which gives a heat of 400 degrees celsius. Watch the website of Odditycentral for the video.

New York Vegetarian Food Festival


On March 3th and 4th the New York Vegetarian Food Festival will take place at The Pavilion Metrpolitan. This event is about healthy living, sustainability, vegetarianism and nutrition. Besides de present of vegetarians, vegans and people who (try) to eat healthy, a chain of restaurants and suppliers of vegetarian products are present. There will be also some musical performances.

Berkley restaurant releases subscription for babies


Alice Waters, owner of the restaurant in Berkley California, released an subscription (Farm baby) especially for babies. Fresh seasonal ingredients from farms are made into delicious snacks to satisfy their hunger. The jars in which they are processed are also environmentally friendly.

Decoration corks


Corker sells a kit with push pins that can be punctured in wine / champagne corks, creating little creatures. With the kit a cork can be made into a monkey, deer, buffalo, boar, rabbit or a crow. Fun to make with kids!



Halfsies is a social initiative, offering restaurant visitors a choice that provides a healthier meal portion. They also reduce food waste and supports the fight against hunger. Now Halfsies starts a pilot with local restaurants for participation in it’s program. This spring they start in Austin, Texas and New York City. Watch the video for an explanation behind Halfsies.

The Future of Food


Lucie Thibault and Thomas Zimmerman, of the French Zimd And Zou created, with a wink to the future, a composition of paper called “The Future of Food”. This is specially designed and created as part of the Icon magazine cover. Creative and colorful!

Building a hotel in 15 days


In china they have build a 3 star, 170,000 square foot, 30 story, fully sustainable hotel in only 15 days. See the movie for the total building process. Is this the future of (hotel) architecture?

Rooftop farm Rotterdam


Rotterdam creates the first rooftop farm in the area. It is located on the roof of an office complex at the Schiekade. The walking bridge to the farm land is financed by crowdfunding. See the rooftop farm here.

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