No waste icecreambowl


At the Reader’s Digest Food Blog you will find great recipes. We particularly liked these icebowls. No waste, sustainable and a great way to serve ice cream, even in restaurants… At the foodblog Kitchen Vignettes there’s a video about the making of.

Tweet a cloud with Flogo


We spotted the Flogo Cloud technology somewhere in 2008, when it was barely used. Now this sustainable alternative for plastic balloons is getting more mainstream. Galleria Mall in Brazil spiced up the re-launch of Brazil’s first open mall not by offering people gifts, but by allowing them to create ‘gift clouds’. Using the Flogo Cloud technology, visitors of the mall were invited to send clouds accompanied with a simple tweet.

Bees on the Waldorf Astoria Hotel


Since this spring, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, houses around 250,000 bees. Not only supply these bees honey in a sustainable way to the restaurant, but also aims to help provide pollination to support the city’s recent campaign to plant a million trees over the next decade. Hotel guests can also book a tour on the roof.

The Sycamore Kitchen Los Angeles


Recently The Sycamore Kitchen opened on the Highland Boulevard in Los Angeles. Karen and Quinn Hatfield have realized their dream with this pastry that applies French technique to seasonal California produce.

Butcher Shop Lindy & Grundy


Butcher Shop Lindy & Grundy recently opened in Los Angeles, an old fashion butcher shop. The sold meat comes from sustainable farms, no further than 150 miles in the vicinity of the shop. Local farmers will be supported in this way. They also support the nose-to-tail theory to reduce the waste as much as possible. This butcher shop is already very popular.

Solar BBQ


Barbecuing with the SOLGRILL solar bbq is very sustainable, very fast, you don’t have any pre-heating time and it includes a built-in sun view finder. The only thing you need is the sun…

Restaurant Aan Zee Oostvoorne


Restaurant Aan Zee Oostervoorne’ (The Netherlands) is build of natural and sustainable material. All energy is obtained by solar panels on the roof, solar water heaters and windmills. In the summer the warmth is stored in the ground. The waste water is purified in a helofyte-field and the rainwater is filtered in the sand dunes. Therefore no sewage system is needed.

Around the plate


At we regularly organize trend presentations. Recently we were invited by Our Common Food to inspire the teams. Take a look at the (Dutch) Prezi presentation here.

Conference for hospitality businesses


The conference Meerwaarde 2.0 is only available in Dutch.

Sustainable restaurant


London’s Waterhouse Restaurant in Shoreditch, offering seasonal food alongside a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. A mini power station built into the restaurant converts water from Regent’s Canal into electric energy that heats and cools. Watch the video.

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