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Chocolatemakers is building the most sustainable ‘bean to bar’ chocolate factory in the world. They are the only chocolate manufacturer in the Netherlands to bring its cocoa beans to Amsterdam by wind force and is known from the Tres Hombres and Gorilla bar. The new chocolate factory is located in Amsterdam and will be open for the public. The special feature of this location is that it will produce its own energy needs by means of a completely transparent sunroof.

The most sustainable ‘bean to bar’ chocolate factory

The opening is expected for March 2019. “With this, we realize a long-cherished dream. From our very beginning in 2011, we wanted to show people how chocolate is made. Not the mass chocolate product from ‘mega’ plants, but the craft process where it’s all about quality instead of efficiency. Where the bean, its origin and its fantastic flavors are central. As chocolate makers, we want to show that the entire cocoa chain can be transparent, fair and sustainable from farmer to consumer. That means that we innovate on all fronts. Here we go far beyond fair trade or bio alone; environmentally friendly transport and nature protection are also part of this. We believe in a holistic approach. In 2014 we were voted the most sustainable small business in Amsterdam and we are now further refining by showing that innovation is essential if we want to make the entire cocoa chain more sustainable.”

So it is time for the next step: a completely ‘off the grid’ factory. The roof is made entirely of transparent solar panels and meets the total electrical needs. They use as much circular material as possible. The next step is that they also want to sustain the burning of beans.

The Chocolatemakers factory is located in Amsterdam

The factory will of course be located in Amsterdam, the largest cocoa port in the world and home base of the Chocolatemakers. In collaboration with the Port of Amsterdam they searched for a suitable location where their ship, the Tres Hombres, will be able to berth at the quay directly. They chose for the Radarweg, a ten minutes’ walk from Sloterdijk station with a beautiful quay. With the sailing ship and our own power supply we can make chocolate entirely on the strength of nature, isn’t that fantastic?

About Chocolatemakers

Chocolatemakers is a traditional ‘bean to bar’ chocolate factory in Amsterdam. Since 2011, Rodney & Enver make real chocolate, doing everything from bean to bar themselves. It is the only Dutch chocolate company that controls every link in the chain itself. They buy high quality organic cocoa directly from the farmers for a good, fair price, roast themselves and take their time. Chocolatemakers show through their special bars and projects how chocolate can be made differently and sustainably. Honest, tough, organic, Dutch and really tasty!

Website: Chocolatemakers

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