First KiKat Chocolatory in the Netherlands | At Utrecht Central Station


  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory
  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory
  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory
  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory
  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory
  • KitKat pop-up ChocolatoryKitKat pop-up Chocolatory

The first ‘KitKat Chocolatery’ in the Netherlands has opened on the 30th of November at Utrecht Central Station. In the pop-up store you can make your own KitKat bar, or as their slogan says ‘Create your own break’, until December 23rd. There are a number of KitKat Chocolatery stores in Japan, England, Malaysia and Australia.

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Fazer Cricket Bread | Finnish bakery launches ‘crunchy’ insect bread


Since the 24th of November you can buy cricket bread in Finland. One of Finland’s largest food companies, Fazer is selling this crunchy cricket bread. According to Markus Hellstrom, head of the Fazer group’s bakery division, one loaf of bread contains about 70 dried crickets. The crickets are grounded into powder and added to the flour. lees verder

The Santa’s Sausage from Bubbledogs | Do you have a recipe with a fun Santa twist?


This December, Bubbledogs, the gourmet hotdog and champagne bar, will be getting in the Christmas spirit, bringing back Londoners’ favourite: The Santa’s Sausage. Topped with all the festive favourites, Sandia Chang has been busy in the kitchen, designing the very special turkey hot dog with Christmas stuffing, cranberry chutney, crispy brussels sprouts, parsnip chips and gravy. This year, guests can also choose to pimp up their Santa’s sausage with the luxury addition of truffles, for a little extra. lees verder

Trends we spotted | Week 47


  • Trends in het kort

At Horecatrends we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others about the Michelin stars for 2018 in Belgium, Spain and Portugal. And restaurant The Avocado Show in Amsterdam has opened the first pop-up avocado shop in the world.

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Cheese Tea | Very successful in China and invading the U.S.


Okay, you say cheese tea? You really mean cheese and tea in the same cup? Yes, tea topped with cheese! Spotted and originated in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s southern Guangdong province at HEYTEA tea house. The concept has spread from the street stalls of Taiwan to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and even to New York’s Flushing neighborhood, where Happy Lemon serves the tea in four flavors, including chocolate. In the video above Jenny Zheng, from the in Los Angeles based, Little Fluffy Head Café, explains the idea behind the cheese tea. lees verder

Ccasa Hostel | Container Urbanisme


For years, we have seen all kinds of examples of Container Urbanism. Student houses in Amsterdam, foodtrucks, hotels, markets that are made up of containers and hotels as well. The Ccasa Hostel in Vietnam is made up of three stacked shipping containers that function as rooms in the hotel. The recycled hotel was intended for backpackers more so than long-staying tourists and it provides a multitude of features that promote interactions much like hostels do. lees verder

PopPods | Powernapping in London


  • Pop & Rest
  • Pop & RestThe guys behind Pop & Rest
  • Pop & Rest
  • Pop & Rest
  • PopPods from Pop & RestPopPods from Pop & Rest (image Facebook)

PopPods are the first space to nap, shower and relax, you can book your private pod to use for 30 mins or longer. Located at 12 Bache’s Street, N1 6 DL in London. PopPods opened in the beginning of October 2017 and this new sleep and relaxation experience is created by the startup Pop & Rest. Different studies show that a powernap improves performance and alertness. So if you’re just one day in London for sightseeing or shopping, stop by and take a powernap!

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The Caveasy | Smart wine rack system


The first smart wine rack system, for all wine lovers who simply want to enjoy their wine, but also for the professional who wants to keep track on his or hers wine cellar. It’s a simple as this: take a picture of the label, put the bottle in your Caveasy One, and enjoy your wine at the right time. They’re crowdfunding via Indiegogo right now and it’s been backed for 105% with still a month to go! lees verder

FG OKONOMIYAKI BAR | Japanese pancake bar in Rotterdam


Soon FG Okonomiyaki Bar will be opened in the Japanese style Denoism store, at the Katshoek 19 in Rotterdam (Hofbogen). They are going to serve Okonomiyaki, which means free translated ‘baked or grilled as you like it’. Unlike the Dutch pancake, the okonomiyaki isn’t based on milk but on seaweed stock. You can fill the pancake with a choice of toppings such as cod, pork belly, tuna, homemade ketchup and bonito flakes. For 5 euros each, you can take away a mini-ekonomiyaki’s. lees verder

Glamtainer | Unique extendable shipping container


Glamtainer, a combination of glamorous and container, is a Dutch company that modifies 20 foot high-cube shipping containers into high luxury hotel rooms of 26m2, including a luxury bathroom, toilet, kitchenette, closets and a bed and lounge area. The bed can be fold up to the wall, and then offers an integrated dining table. The Glamtainer Skybox is designed from scratch and has got an official CSC Safety Approval. Meaning that it can be shipped all over the world, at any time. With the introduction of the Glamtainer Extendable, the company created an unique product which gets a lot of attention in the recreational and event sector but also in the care industry. lees verder

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