Why not serve water this way!


Today, Earth Day is celebrated around the world. This day positive attention is requested for global issues surrounding nature, the environment and climate change. With the main focus on reflection and enjoyment. In the hospitality industry, we are seeing more and more examples of less food miles, organic and local products, but also the processing of ‘forgotten’ vegetables and meat such as rooster, goat and goose. In addition, we have the debate about whether or not to serve tap water (in Europe). Yet we still see that ‘special’ water is served from glaciers from the other side of the world ….. But you can also make “special” water in a simpler and more sustainable way. Last weekend I served my ‘special’ waters at our Easter dinner. Several courses, with each course another water. I just used tap water and added herbs, lemon , rhubarb and beetroot, depending on the taste of the dish. Nice and simple. And just like wine, it’s nice to see if the taste actually blends well with the food. The water with beetroot / lemon and mint tasted great with the starter of smoked eel and the water with rhubarb was very subtle which combined well with dessert. A nice sustainable gesture; the water from the tap and the herbs and vegetables from nearby! And even for those who do not drink alcohol, it’s a party! My suggestion for Earth Day.^Marjolein

Winning dish chef Tim Bosch on menu at Landal parks


  • gerecht Tim Bosch

The Diabetes Foundation and fund ‘Variatie in de Keuken’ (variation in the kitchen) challenged the chefs of Landal parks in the Netherlands to serve the healthiest and tastiest dish during the ‘Chefs’ Challenge’. Chef Tim Bosch of Landal Coldenhove surprised the jury and won the ‘Chefs’ Challenge’ with his main course and dessert. His main course of ‘skin fried mackerel filet with cauliflower couscous and coriander oil’ and his dessert ‘green tea with citrus, poached pear with vanilla yoghurt panna cotta’ will be on the menu at several Landal parks from June.

Local Goods Weekend Market Amsterdam


  • de Hallen Amsterdam

‘De Hallen Amsterdam’ (the Halls Amsterdam) are entirely devoted to the modern and progressive Amsterdam brands on 19 and 20 April. Pakhuis de Zwijger, platform Made in Amsterdam and Indie Brands organize the first edition of the ‘Local Goods Weekend Market’ during this weekend. Various Amsterdam food products such as home made sausages, chocolate and ice cream will be sold next to non-food products like bicycles, clothes, furniture and bags. The Local Goods Weekend Market will include products of Kadolab, Ace & Tate, Proeftuin Amsterdam, the Upcycle and Professor Grunschnabel.

The Big Street food Competition


  • De Grote Streetfood Prijs

The Food Line-up and Streetfood Netherlands organize the ‘Big Street food Competition’ in the end of September. The Netherlands counts more than 200 mobile kitchens (food trucks), but the available street food is currently limited by law. During the ‘Big Street food Competition’ street food entrepreneurs battle in various categories like the best concept or the best piece of meat. An independent jury will choose the winners. Perhaps this contest can influence the (political) opinion about Street food in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam turns bread into energy


  • broodvergister

Inhabitants of the Kolenkitwijk neighborhood in Amsterdam threw their bread on the streets because their religion prohibits throwing it away in the garbage bin. This caused a rat plague and other problems with unwanted animals. As a solution the government placed special bread dumpsters in the area. The bread from these dumpsters is used by Pink Pony Express for a national energy experiment in collaboration with micro-biologists. They developed it into a permanent bread digester that can process 10 kg bread into 3000 liter of biogas a day. To celebrate the opening there are three bread baking workshops in the neighborhood on Friday 14 March.

Temporary city in empty building


  • tijdelijke stad

Jaap Urban started a project to provide a temporary practical solution for one empty building in Groningen at the end of April or the beginning of May 2014. With the launch of tijdelijkestad.nl he motivates citizens and entrepreneurs to think along about the optimal use of a building for one week. Potential buildings can be suggested via the website, when one is found, the contents of the program and pop-up stores can be filled in. This can vary from temporary shops and sport facilities to restaurants and office space for entrepreneurs. Next that events and workshops will complement the program for the period.

Within three weeks a suitable building will be picked.

Happy holidays


  • feestdagen

We wish you all the best for the holidays.

Best wishes from Laura Stoter, Marjolein van Spronsen and Armand Sol of the Van Spronsen & Partners Group.

Instagram marshmallows


  • marshmallows

Now it is possible to print your favorite Instagram photos on marshmallows. Very simple, you choose nine of your favorite Instagram photos and Boomf delivers the pictures on 4cmx4cm vanilla marshmallows. The site advises to use relative simple pictures with a good contrast. At this moment, the marshmallows are only available in the United Kingdom for £ 12, but there are plans to introduce the marshmallows internationally next year. A nice gift for the holidays: a marshmallow with your favorite photo into a hot chocolate during the cold winter days.

Streetsmart project in Amsterdam


  • Streetsmart

Sandra Chedi (Amstel Botel) and Bert van der Leden (Supperclub) are entrepreneurs in Amsterdam’s hospitality industry that took the initiative to launch Streetsmart Amsterdam. The initiative asks restaurant visitors to pay one euro on top of the bill to prevent people to get homeless. If the project is successful in Amsterdam it will be deployed nationwide. Check streetsmart.nl for a list of all participating restaurants. For the occasion a book with recipes of chefs from Amsterdam is published as well.

Exclusive gastro-marathon in 24 hours for a charity


An exclusive gastro-marathon specially for 3FM Serious Request (Dutch radio station). From December 22 to December 23 Restaurant EVI in the Netherlands will be the culinary center for 24 hours. Three Dutch top chefs will prepare three dishes per hour meaning that they will serve a total of nine top dishes with at least tree Michelin stars. There will be a long table in the restaurant with 30 chairs. The seats are available per session of three hours, so there are only 240 seats available. The total proceeds will go to the charity of 3FM Serious Request, the Red Cross. Amongst the Chefs that will cook during the 24 hours are Niven Kunz, Ron Blaauw, Menno Post, Maik Kuipers and Edwin Vinke. The seats are auctioned from 18 December via Dutch auction website vakantieveilingen.nl.

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