Dating with food leftovers


The Swedish company Lantmannen stimulates singles to date and make use of their leftovers, to create an environmentally friendly date. Members should combine their leftovers to cook a meal with another person. By visiting the website and selecting 5 ingredients, a match with another person can be found. It is a nice and original way of preventing waste of food.

Eating advice based on your agenda


The Dutch Food Center has developed a new app where users can receive nutrition advice based on their agenda. After the free app is downloaded, it makes a scan of the agenda based on keywords. The program will then give you specific advice and practical tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Food Centre thinks that the Eat Guide app will meet the needs that people have to obtain practical information about healthy eating.

Tweetjemee winner of Haarlem Inc. 2011


Manette Zeelenberg and Maarten Bennis have won the entrepreneurship-contest Haarlem Inc. 2011. ‘Tweetjemee’ became the winning idea of the total 58 business ideas. is an online market where cooks and eaters can get in touch to be able to buy a meal. With this idea the entrepreneurs have won an interesting package of practical support and additionally they will be provided with free consultancy.

Being fed with ‘imperfect’ food


In the US 21 million children face real hunger every day and in the UK this amount is increasing. However in Europe and the US twice as much food is produced than needed to feed the population. Up to half of this is wasted within the supply chain. Because of these reasons, several organizations organize the ‘Feeding The 5000 event’ this coming 18 November, in which 5.000 people will be served ‘imperfect’ food, to create awareness among the population of how much excellent food is thrown away because of its size, shape or color.

Hells Kitchen Farm serves first harvest in church


The Hell’s Kitchen project is situated at the roof of the Metro Baptist Church in New York and served its first harvest that consists of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. The project is meant to provide food to the busy food pantry within the church. The roof features 1000 square foot space that was previously unused and the entire project is done by volunteers. The many pigeons in New York initially became a problem, however this was solved by placing removable cages.

Share everything with 1/2 Project


1/2 PROJECT is a campaign that puts donating to charity in a different perspective. With the 1/2 Project you can donate half of your ordinairy expenses to charity instead of large sums of money at once. The project links companies and NGO’s together and plays a role in the product design. For example, pay a whole Domino pizza and donate half of it to charity.

Save the polar bear, drink Coca-cola


Coca-cola started a collaboration with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), to enlarge the awareness for saving the polar bear. Since the polar bear has been Coca-cola’s icon for its Christmas commercials, they want to give something back to their beloved polar bear. Therefore Coca-cola will give their Coca-cola cans a new look by giving them a white colour, instead of red. Coca-cola will also donate 2 million dollars to the WWF in order to help protect the polar bear and its environment.

Restaurants help casualties hurricane


Hurricane Irene has done a lot of damage in the state of New York. Many farmers lost their harvest. To help these farmers and other casualties of the hurricane, over 100 restaurants in New York have donated 10% of their day revenue last Sunday. These revenues were donated to a charity fund that helps casualties from the hurricane Irene.

Leg advertisement


The Donut Project. A guerilla campaign for Superette in New Zealand. By putting indented plates across the city at bus stops an park benches, those who sat down wearing short shorts or skirts walked away with the ad campaign ‘ Short Shorts on Sale’ imprinted on the back of their legs.

Inspiration from 2007 Pay as you wish


A while ago Horecatrends spotted the ‘Pay as you wish’ concept and it is still growing in populairity. Last Thursday, customers at restaurant Trien in Herpen (near Nijmegen) could decide what they payed for their meals. During the evening they’ve collected €4650,- for charity.


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