One cup a Day


Design Studio Cunicode completed the experiment One Cup a Day. A month (1 cup per day) long they designed creative cups that are for sale. The 30 designs can be placed in 3 categories: funny cups, useless cups (but interesting) and cups by texture. Watch the video to see one of the cups (the Octo Cup).

Live Vending Machine


The Live Vending Machine is a snack vending machine in Utah, which does not accept money or dispense snacks. Instead, the machine gives in a humorous way healthy advice! Watch the video to see how the vending machine works.

Heart menu for charity


During the week of Valentinesday, 12 till 18 February, restaurants in the Netherlands have a special “heart menu” available. Participating restaurants offer a specially selected menu, which partially goes to the Dutch Heart Foundation. There is also a collection box of the Heart Foundation available in each participating restaurant.

Horeca Trendgids 2012


This week, the (Dutch) is presented and published. Tackle opportunities, creativity, collaborate and innovation dominate this edition. is a free digital magazine in which experts, including Marjolein van Spronsen (Horecatrends / Van Spronsen & Partners), give their vision on hospitality in 2012. This magazine is intended to be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs of the industry.

Toronto snowman


To stimulate tourists to take and upload pictures of the city Toronto, the tourism agency of Toronto has come up with a campaign. At 21 strategic chosen touristic locations throughout the city, 2,5 meter high snowmen are placed, each in front of a famous building in Toronto. For each uploaded and liked picture, the campaign will donate to a charity.

Aviko is letting grannies wild knitting


We spotted the wild-knitting trend before, but now the Dutch potato/fries company Aviko is letting grannies wild-knitting in bus stops. Grannies were asked to come to the city Arnhem to participate in a wild-knitting event for charity. Wild -knitting is a trend were several objects on the street, from trees to lampposts, are being dressed with knitwear.

Get the clothes


‘Krijg de kleren!’ (litterally ‘get the clothes’ but in figure of speech ‘F*ck off’) is an monthly initiative from Annemijn Boon and Rosan Brunger in a club in Amsterdam. Visitors –mostly women- bring old clothes with these and trade them with others while having a drink. The clothes that don’t have a new owner at the end of the evening will go to the next edition or are donated to Humana. Every edition has a theme, this Sunday it’s ‘Let’s Go Sjiek’.

Dating with food leftovers


The Swedish company Lantmannen stimulates singles to date and make use of their leftovers, to create an environmentally friendly date. Members should combine their leftovers to cook a meal with another person. By visiting the website and selecting 5 ingredients, a match with another person can be found. It is a nice and original way of preventing waste of food.

Eating advice based on your agenda


The Dutch Food Center has developed a new app where users can receive nutrition advice based on their agenda. After the free app is downloaded, it makes a scan of the agenda based on keywords. The program will then give you specific advice and practical tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Food Centre thinks that the Eat Guide app will meet the needs that people have to obtain practical information about healthy eating.

Tweetjemee winner of Haarlem Inc. 2011


Manette Zeelenberg and Maarten Bennis have won the entrepreneurship-contest Haarlem Inc. 2011. ‘Tweetjemee’ became the winning idea of the total 58 business ideas. is an online market where cooks and eaters can get in touch to be able to buy a meal. With this idea the entrepreneurs have won an interesting package of practical support and additionally they will be provided with free consultancy.

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