Save the polar bear, drink Coca-cola


Coca-cola started a collaboration with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), to enlarge the awareness for saving the polar bear. Since the polar bear has been Coca-cola’s icon for its Christmas commercials, they want to give something back to their beloved polar bear. Therefore Coca-cola will give their Coca-cola cans a new look by giving them a white colour, instead of red. Coca-cola will also donate 2 million dollars to the WWF in order to help protect the polar bear and its environment.

Restaurants help casualties hurricane


Hurricane Irene has done a lot of damage in the state of New York. Many farmers lost their harvest. To help these farmers and other casualties of the hurricane, over 100 restaurants in New York have donated 10% of their day revenue last Sunday. These revenues were donated to a charity fund that helps casualties from the hurricane Irene.

Leg advertisement


The Donut Project. A guerilla campaign for Superette in New Zealand. By putting indented plates across the city at bus stops an park benches, those who sat down wearing short shorts or skirts walked away with the ad campaign ‘ Short Shorts on Sale’ imprinted on the back of their legs.

Inspiration from 2007 Pay as you wish


A while ago Horecatrends spotted the ‘Pay as you wish’ concept and it is still growing in populairity. Last Thursday, customers at restaurant Trien in Herpen (near Nijmegen) could decide what they payed for their meals. During the evening they’ve collected €4650,- for charity.


A donation by buying a drink


The Australian bar Shebeen, that will open soon, has developed a different way to donate for charity. Rather than requiring that patrons write a check or click through a donation site online, the bar simply asks that they drink an exotic beer or glass of wine. Each time they do, a donation is made to the beverage’s country of origin.


7 days of inspiration



Upgrade a country! That’s the idea behind 7 Days of Inspiration. Watch the video.

Japanese website gives away food for free


Tada Yasai is a Japanese initiative to give away ‘left over’ food for free. For example products that do not meet the aesthetic demands of supermarkets. Members of the site pay the shipping fee and local farmers have the opportunity to ‘sell’ their products.

Fast Food Fail


Ever wondered why fast food restaurants get away with misleading advertisements? The website Media Dumb collected all advertisement photo’s and actual photo’s. Very amusing and hilarious!


A rare handwritten cooking book of the 17th century


De Library of Heritage in Antwerp, Belgium, has published a handwritten cooking book from the 17th century online.

Lotery of fines



If you drive too fast, you will get caught by this speed camera and receive a fine. If you don’t drive too fast, the total sum of the fines will be raffled amongst those who do respect speed limits.

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