Pick your charity


Customers of Blue State Coffee shops in Providence in the U.S. can decide for their own to which charity the coffee chain donates part of its revenue. With every coffee purchased, the customer receives a coin, this coin can then be placed in different containers. Each box represents a good cause. Since its opening in 2007 Blue State Coffee has donated more than $ 175,000 to over 50 charities.

Campaign by Russian WWF



The new campaign by the World Wildlife Fund to save the tiger can be a shocking experience. WWF lets people in Russia think that they are shot while trying on a t-shirt with a tiger print. The shirt features augmented reality technology. Next to paying attention to the tiger, the campaign clearly shows what the current capabilities of technology are.



Fair phone is the world’s first public, non-profit developer of mobile phones. The production wil be processed in a human and environmentally friendly manner. On the website of fair phone, consumers can also participate in the campaign and design challenge. People can influence the design of the phone.

Not far from the tree


Toronto has launched a project to prevent local grown fruit to perish. Volunteers pick fruit in the gardens of people who do not want to do this themselves. One third of the fruit is meant for the owner, one third goes to the volunteers and one third goes to charities in the area.

Socially responsible packaging


On each carton of Vai-Vai juice, different socially responsable organizations are mentioned.

Free umbrella on rainy days


Here you go, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh, is handing out umbrellas on rainy days to people on the street. The sole purpose of ‘Here you go’ is to bring more kindness in the world. ‘Here you go’ asks people to do a good deed for someone else in exchange for an umbrella.

Earth hour


All over the world hotels and restaurants participate in Earth Hour, an initiative by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). For one hour the lights where switched off! Candles on the table, no illuminated logos, “unplugged” candlelight concerts, one hour walk with torches and so on. 

Wheelchair or bagage trolley?


At the airport of Sao Paulo, Brasil, these luggage carts are available. By the image of the Paralympic athlete it looks as if a wheelchair is pushed forward. Howerver, this is a fund raising campaign for athletes. So that they are able to attend the paralympics.

Support a number of charities all at once


Givv is a website where you can specify which charity you want to support and also the amount you want to donate per month. Givv writes off the monthly total and divides it between the different charities. If you want terminate your donations all at once, Givv will arrange that for you.

An apple a day…


On January 19th  (Utrecht Central Station), January 21st (Amsterdam Central Station) and Jan 26th (The Hague Central Station) orange lunchboxes were distributed, filled with an apple and a flyer. The distribution was part of a European campaign ‘Apple. Fruit of all pleasure’ of the FruitsVegetables Office. The aim of the campaign is to create a healthy work ethics for employees.


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