7 days of inspiration



Upgrade a country! That’s the idea behind 7 Days of Inspiration. Watch the video.

Japanese website gives away food for free


Tada Yasai is a Japanese initiative to give away ‘left over’ food for free. For example products that do not meet the aesthetic demands of supermarkets. Members of the site pay the shipping fee and local farmers have the opportunity to ‘sell’ their products.

Fast Food Fail


Ever wondered why fast food restaurants get away with misleading advertisements? The website Media Dumb collected all advertisement photo’s and actual photo’s. Very amusing and hilarious!


A rare handwritten cooking book of the 17th century


De Library of Heritage in Antwerp, Belgium, has published a handwritten cooking book from the 17th century online.

Lotery of fines



If you drive too fast, you will get caught by this speed camera and receive a fine. If you don’t drive too fast, the total sum of the fines will be raffled amongst those who do respect speed limits.



Carrotmob is a group of activists that buy goods of a company to reward them for socially responsible change. Often the changes are of environmentally-friendly, such as energy-efficiency upgrades.

Donate to charity via rounded-up credit card purchases


Pennies is an organization that allows online buyers to round up their purchase by credit card or debit card and donate the difference to charity. Dominos Pizza, Zizzi Pizza and TravelLodge have already joined.

Knitted Graffiti


Worldwide objects, trees, statues are wrapped with fabric. No longer a “trend”, it has been going on for quite a while! And we missed it completely! But as the press gives attention to these projects regularly, it’s maybe an idea to have an object around your hotel or restaurant packed with knitted fabric by people who love to knit (the wild knitters?).

Donate your profile


MSF (Mediciens Sans Frontier) has a new campaign to raise awareness for the work the organization does in developing countries. People with Twitter, Facebook and / or a Linkedin account donate their profile for one day. At this donated day MSF sents up to 7 MSF messages to your followers.

Inflatable marketing


Artist Joshua Allen Harris is very creative with plastic bags. By attaching prefabricated shapes on the ducts of a subway, he makes the most creative artwork.

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