An apple a day…


On January 19th  (Utrecht Central Station), January 21st (Amsterdam Central Station) and Jan 26th (The Hague Central Station) orange lunchboxes were distributed, filled with an apple and a flyer. The distribution was part of a European campaign ‘Apple. Fruit of all pleasure’ of the FruitsVegetables Office. The aim of the campaign is to create a healthy work ethics for employees.


Green trainstation in New Zealand


A new advertising campaign for the dairyfactory Meadow Fresh was very green. A train station in Auckland got a green makeover. The hard 1,250 square meters of concrete was replaced by a green lawn. Unfortunately, the campaign only laste a short period of time.


Ski slope app


Skiers no longer have to depend on hotels and resorts for snowreports. With this new application (I-Phone & Google Gadget) skiers can let eachother know how the slopes are through pictures and comments. This way skiers can formulate their favorite ski routes with GPS.




This new online tool can be used when you visits restaurants, public places and for example offices. People use ‘foursquare’ to ‘check in’ and to let friends and family know what their favorite spots are. A fun way to discover new places, find out what friends around are doing and what their favorite spots are.


Provocative stunt against use of GHB


A controversial action of nightmayor / transvestite Jennifer Hopelezz to raise awareness against the drug GHB. On January 2, all party people of the club were informed of the death of Susie Schlampie (house transvestite) by GHB. Emails were sent, and an obituary was set to give people the opportunity to say goodbye. Luckily it was a pr-stunt, Susie is still alive …


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