The Movement hotel | Former Prison the Bijlmerbajes temporarily run by asylum seekers


A part of the former and notorious prison ‘Bijlmerbajes’ becomes a pop-up hotel run by asylum seekers. At The Movement hotel, refugees will be trained to run a hotel and get back into the workforce, their chance to reintegrate. On the 4th of July, a crowd funding campaign is launched to enable this special project. The hotel is intended to open its prison doors early August and give their guests a once in a lifetime experience to explore and stay at the famous Bijlmerbajes before it gets demolished.

Gain work experience at The Movement hotel

Nina Schmitz, Director of the Movement on the Ground Foundation: “It has been proven that employment is the most effective and best way to reintegrate refugees. This is the heart and core of this project – empowering people to reintegrate back into the society by giving them the right training and experience from respected partners that will enable them to run the hotel and get back into the workforce.” At the moment there are 600 refugees living at the AZC (the refugee organisation in The Netherlands) Bijlmerbajes, eager to start a new life. It’s proven that the most effective and dignified way to help refugees reintegrate into a society is through employment.

Crowdfunding campaign

In order to enable the social project, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched. An amount of 50.000 euros must be collected for setting up the hotel and the supervision. Partly, the project is funded with the revenue from the hotel and partly by contributions from companies and individuals. It is already possible to reserve a “cell” in the prison hotel as part of the crowdfunding campaign. This guarantees an overnight stay at the hotel. From August on you can actually sleep in the hotel. The hotel will remain open at least until the end of the year.

The Movement hotel | 16 rooms

The hotel comprises a total of 16 double rooms. Part of the hotel is the A Beautiful Mess lunch restaurant from the Refugee Company, which already started, the breakfast from the hotel will be  served here. It is also possible to book meeting rooms for inspiration sessions or meetings, and various activities will be organized by the vacancy solver LOLA LIK and other organizations, such as an escape room, boxing classes and musical performances. There is even an opening of a Hamam planned.

Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground is a foundation aimed at providing a human and durable response to the refugee crisis. The movement has been active on the Greek island of Lesbos since the start of the crisis. This is their first project in the Netherlands and the foundation wants to guide the refugees in their new future. Movement on the Ground has planned to make the Bijlmerbajes a place full of light, motivation and inspiration. At present, about 70 companies and projects are housed in former prison.

Website: The Movement hotel

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