Exclusive gastro-marathon in 24 hours for a charity


An exclusive gastro-marathon specially for 3FM Serious Request (Dutch radio station). From December 22 to December 23 Restaurant EVI in the Netherlands will be the culinary center for 24 hours. Three Dutch top chefs will prepare three dishes per hour meaning that they will serve a total of nine top dishes with at least tree Michelin stars. There will be a long table in the restaurant with 30 chairs. The seats are available per session of three hours, so there are only 240 seats available. The total proceeds will go to the charity of 3FM Serious Request, the Red Cross. Amongst the Chefs that will cook during the 24 hours are Niven Kunz, Ron Blaauw, Menno Post, Maik Kuipers and Edwin Vinke. The seats are auctioned from 18 December via Dutch auction website vakantieveilingen.nl.

NH Hoteles StartupBus Europe


NH Hoteles is sponsor of the StartupBus Europe. The hotel chain finds its core values ‘talent management, motivation and teamwork’ well presented in this competition. During the tour several buses from Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, London, Paris and Amsterdam aim for the Pioneers festival in Vienna. During the road trip the participants create and launch a startup. In total there are 150 challengers divided over six buses. During the road trip to Vienna, the Dutch StartupBus stops in Antwerp, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Prague and München.

The participants challenge each other for a spot on the entrepreneurial Pioneers Festival. The finalist wins a weekend break by NH Hoteles in one of its 400 hotels in 27 countries as well. NH Hoteles gets inspiration from innovation and is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to develop services and talents. The collaboration with StartupBus is a way to meet with young creatives and future entrepreneurs.

Clean and safe drinking water by Coca Cola


More than 1 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water and more than 2.5 billion to adequate sanitation, making billions of people around the world vulnerable to disease. To help these people, Coca Cola started a pilot from the project EKOCENTER™ in South Africa, in collaboration with DEKA R&D and other partners. EKOCENTER™ is a small kiosk made of containers and offers clean and safe drinking water to the local population. The kiosk also offers other services like wireless communications, electricity, vaccination storage and more. The goals is to open around 1,500 to 2,000 EKOCENTERS™ in 2015 in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America to provide clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. The EKOCENTERS or ‘Downtown in a box’ provided with the Slingshot water purification systems will be managed by local women entrepreneurs.



We are full of prejudices when it comes to food, this unfortunately affects our kids as well. In their eyes something can instantly be disgusting or weird. At ‘Proefwerk’ children are challenged to do blind tastings and describe the taste of for instance a cucumber or a raisin. Because the children built up confidence during the tastings initiator Fleur Derogee often ends with exciting insect tastings. ‘Proefwerk’ takes place at the Future Food House during the World Food Festival in Rotterdam and starts every half hour on Wednesday from 13.00 – 17.00 o’clock.

World Food Festival


Mr. Aboutaleb, the Mayor of Rotterdam opens ‘The World Food Festival’ on Thursday September 19th. More than five weeks hospitality, scientists, food producers and chefs will show and let you taste what Rotterdam has to offer. Festivals, markets, tastings and trips through the city will bring the visitor in contact with food. From a Maroccan food court to the Rotterdam meatball. In the Future Food House designers, scientists and artists give their predictions about the future of food. The Italian culinary movie ‘Pranzo di Ferragosto’ will be shown at the ‘Museumpark’.

More Bedtime Stories


In the first version of the ‘small gestures in hospitality‘, in January 2013, we showed a ‘bedtime story’ that we found on our pillow in Hotel ‘The Palace’ in Dubai. A beautiful, simple poem about going to sleep. At the Copley Square Hotel in Boston, they wish their guest a good night with ‘bedtime stories’ by children. The stories are written by students of 826 Boston. 826 Boston is a non-profit writing center dedicated to supporting students age 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills and helping teachers inspire their students to write. Another great ‘small gesture in hospitality’.

Ten thousand Twitter followers


To celebrate the mile stone of 10.000 Twitter followers we’ve visited one of our connections, Kitch& in Leiden, the Netherlands. We entered the restaurant with a bottle of Limonchili and were welcomed by co-owner Edwin van den Akker. He got acquinted with Horecatrends during one of our regular trend presentations. Kitch& uses Twitter to start an easy accessible dialogue with guests. Next to Twitter the restaurant uses DineRate to promote feedback on dishes and service, feedback through this service is rewarded with culinairy rewards on next visits. Edwin van den Akker uses Horecatrends.com to keep himself up-to-date with the latest trends in hospitality. “I don’t check the website every week, but if I do, I browse a few weeks back. The trends are for approximately 10% inspiring for my business, so definately worth to look at.” We would like to thank everyone for archieving the 10.000 followers, please keep sending tips via @horecatrends and tip@spronsen.com.

Billboard mini appartments


The Belgian artist Karl Philips has given billboards an extra function with his project ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’. He renovated old trailer billboards into small apartments. Thanks to the ads on the walls of their temporary house the inhabitants earn some money to live in a billboard. The ads also conceal that these billboards are used as apartments. Earlier we’ve spotted billboards used as a bench, a shelter from the rain or a ramp over stairs.

Happy Meal show-boxes


  • McDonald's

McDonalds has asked illustrator Helen Musselwhite to develop a series of Happy Meal show-boxes to promote reading and the natural world. The show-boxes are very detailed with beautiful prints. We wonder when the Happy Meal boxes will be released.

Public painting machine


A nice gimmick for vacant shop-premises! German artist Niklas Roy developed the Public Painting Machine in collaboration with Kati Hyyppä. The Public Painting Machine was placed in vacant shop-premises in Poland. People on the street could pull the ropes to create an artwork. This pop-up art store causes a lot of fun and bustle in the shopping street.

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