Kids cook for their family


  • Hugo Kennis presenteert SmaakpupillenHugo Kennis - Smaakpupillen

With the TV program ‘Smaakpupillen’(translated as ‘Taste Pupils‘) television channel 24 Kitchen wants to motivate children to cook at least once a week. In the program kids between six and twelve years will cook for their families. The meals are specially created for them and the purchases are part of the program as well. Presenter Hugo Kennis: “Today, they often don’t know how a certain product on the market looks like and where it comes from. I take them to the market, where they receive detailed information about the products. ”
The program is aired on 24 Kitchen daily at 16.30 from 1 September onwards.

CHEF Culinary road trip


  • CHEF Culinaire roadtrip

The movie CHEF tell the story about chef cook Carl Casper who resigns at a top restaurant in Los Angeles for a culinary road trip in Miami. To promote the film, that premiers in the Dutch cinemas on 4 September, a CHEF food truck travels through the Netherlands. This truck is co-developed by the creators of the book “Reizende Sterren” a cookbook with the signature dishes of different food trucks. The Cuban sandwiches that the truck serves are based on the sandwich recipe from the film.
The foodtruck serves its culinary specialties at the Car Art Festival in Delft (9-10 Aug), Haarlem Jazz & More in Haarlem (13-16 Aug), Magneet Festival in Amsterdam (22-24 Aug), Rrrollend Leiden (Aug 29-30 ), Smaak Karavaan in Tilburg (31 Aug), Vlietdagen Leidschendam-Voorburg (13-14 Sep), and can be tracked online via #ChefTruck #ReizendeSterren.

Beautiful rooftops


  • Rooftop view at Lebua
  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore pool view

For those who still have their holiday ahead and are going to either Singapore, Bangkok, New York, Rome, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai or Istanbul TripAdvisor has produced a list with the ten most visited roof tops. I have visited 2 of the mentioned rooftops and can assure you that you will enjoy the view while swimming (Marina Bay Sands rooftop) or sipping a cocktail while enjoying the view of Bangkok (Lebua at the State Tower rooftop). It’s a unique experience! For those owning hotels, it might be interesting to be mentioned in these kind of lists, so check your special features and let the world know! Check the other locations at TripAdvisor. ^Marjolein

A BBQ above an artifical vulcano


In April 2010, the Icelandic cook Fridgeir Eiriksson served dinner prepared over the foothills of the lava of the ‘famous’ volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. Perhaps you recall the eruption which caused a lot of trouble in air traffic. The chef complete the adventure by flying the guests to the ‘restaurant’ location in a helicopter. In June the creative duo Bompas & Parr, from London barbecued steaks on artificially manufactured lava in collaboration with Professor Robert Wysock (Syracuse University, NY). The movie takes some time but the effect of BBQ’ing above 2.100 degrees Fahrenheit is clearly visible. However, I think I would sign up for the adventure! ^Marjolein

Bacchus Wine festival


  • flyer en campagnebeeld BacchusBacchus Wijnfestival

This summer, while the outdoor festivals are sprouting everywere, the Bacchus Wine Festival is definately worth mentioning. At this festival there is room for 250 different types of wines! For this stunning variety of wines the organization works close together with ten well known wine importers from Amsterdam and its surroundings. The festival takes place at the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ from 5 to 7 September.
The comfort standard at the festival is higher than most outdoor events. With real wine glasses, flushing toilets and several rolling kitchens it should be fine with the luxe experience.

Summer Play area on a roof garden


The last couple of weeks, I noticed that the car park where I always park wasn’t as packed as usual. In Arnhem, they have a nice solution for car parks during the summer. They created a ‘Roof Garden’. A public place or a all-in-one location, where you can hang-out, drink something, eat a ‘roof’-meal, enjoy the garden and follow a bee workshop. You can even play ping pong, practice ‘roof’yoga, see a ‘roof’-movie and exercise at the underground gym. Furthermore, it is a showroom for creatives and cultural initiatives, such as a silent disco. The design is sustainable, it uses solar energy and for example the furniture is created from wooden pallets by volunteers.

Update: 3 August was the final day, luckily we still got the pictures.

With a Roller Coaster through a filmset


What do you get when you put ‘Gangs of New York’, ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘Ben-Hur’ together with roller coasters? Movie-park Cinecittà World, which is inspired on Cinecittà studios in Italy and the US, where over 3.000 movies and television shows are produced with which they won 38 Oscars. The park has 38 attractions including the World’s longest water coaster of 1,800 feet. Cinecittà World was build alongside of filmdom’s most legendary shooting lots just outside Rome and will be opened this Thursday, 24 July 2014.

Free tap water at ID&T events


Event organization ID&T offers free tap water to visitors of several of its festivals. The goal is to provide all ID&T events with free water on a short term. The festival ‘Welcome to the future’, 26 July, already has special water bars were visitors can fill up their water bags and cups. The video shows that ID&T wants free water for everyone, especially on their festivals.

Sleeping in a 120-year-old station


We have spotted restaurants in old trainstations before, but in Denver a complete hotel opened in an 120-year-old station. The Crawford hotel has 112 uniquely decorated guest rooms that reflect the different eras of the building’s history. The Crawford hotel has amenities such as a spa, fitness area and room service. The Crawford experience starts at the Denver Union Great Hall. This area serves as the main entrance and lobby of the hotel, which features a 65-foot ceiling and houses 13 restaurants and retailers. Watch the pictures to get an impression of this beautiful hotel.

Collaboration restaurant Basiliek and Dolfinarium


  • dolfinarium basiliek

A special collaboration between restaurant Basiliek and ‘Dutch Sea World’ Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. They created a package where people can visit the park and end with a three-course meal at Basiliek. The tickets of Dolfinarium can be picked up in the morning at the restaurant, and from 5:00 pm a table is reserved for dinner. We wonder whether the chef is inspired by the dolfins as well?

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