Workout-powered gym boat to cruise the Seine in Paris


  • Gym Boat in Paris by Carlo Ratti Associati
  • Gym Boat in Paris by Carlo Ratti Associati
  • Gym Boat in Paris by Carlo Ratti Associati

We think it would be great to have a workout-powered gym boat in the canals of Amsterdam as well. But for now the International design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati has teamed up with fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym, architecture group Terreform ONE and the urban regeneration institute URBEM to present the Paris Navigating Gym. This will be a fitness vessel that moves along the Seine River by harnessing energy from the workouts of their passengers.

‘River Gym’ on a workout-powered gym boat

The Paris Navigating Gym is a 20-meter long fitness vessel that can host up to 45 people. The fitness area features Technogym’s ARTIS machines – a special type of sports equipment that harnesses human energy and makes it available to further uses. By exercising on the bikes and cross trainers, guests can seamlessly contribute to powering the boat. Human powered energy will be supplemented by renewables, such as photovoltaic cells on the gym roof. Activated by electric propellers, the Paris Navigating Gym will sail along the Seine on its route through the city, providing access to anybody who wants it.

The concept for a ‘River Gym’ was initially developed by Terreform ONE in 2008, for use in New York City. The vessel’s current design pays tribute to the symbolic Bateaux Mouches, the traditional ferry-boats that have been carrying tourists on the Seine since the early 20th century – as well as to the French capital’s urban character. According to initial studies, the Paris Navigating Gym can be implemented in less than 18 months, including design, construction, and testing before starting its cruise to celebrate human power.

Bron: Carlo Ratti Associati

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