Camping at Olof’s in Amsterdam| Master chef Chris Naylor opens BBQ restaurant


  • Chef Crhis Naylor van Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas
  • Camping at Olof's in Amsterdam - credits HBMEO George Maas

In the months of July and August, the temporary restaurant Camping at Olof’s opens its doors in the oldest chapel in Amsterdam: the Sint Olofskapel on the Zeedijk. It will be a barbecue restaurant led by chef Chris Naylor of Michelin-starred restaurant Vermeer.

A pop-up staycation restaurant that requires you to book a camping pitch! You cannot sleep there, but you can enjoy the camping atmosphere and great food. Inspiration for chefs all over the world, create a special restaurant once your government allows you to open again!

Camping at Olof’s is a pop-up staycation restaurant

The restaurant is a follow-up to ‘Room Service at Olof’s’, the successful pop-up restaurant at the same location four years ago. It was the first flexitarian restaurant in the Netherlands. At the camping fresh vegetables are also an important, supplemented with products from the barbecue. It will be a staycation restaurant, where those living in or visiting Amsterdam can enjoy a few hours of holiday. In addition to a restaurant, there are various leisure options in the monumental chapel that will be converted into a camping area for the summer.

At this camping pitch you won’t find burnt sausages

Chris Naylor: “The restaurant has the relaxed atmosphere of a campsite, but you don’t have to worry about burnt sausages and black chicken that you have to prepare yourself. We do that for you: delicious dishes from the BBQ, with the recognizable flavours of restaurant Vermeer, but for an accessible price.”

For 15 euros per person you book a camping pitch and you get an extensive salad dish with mezze-like dishes such as tabouleh, burrata, hummus. You can order dishes from a compact barbecue menu, with dishes like black cod with white miso, mirin and sake, tuna steak with green herbs or leg of lamb with tarragon ‘boudran’.

To sleep

Contrary to what the name might suggest, it is not possible to stay overnight. Those living in Amsterdam can book a room in one of the hotels that participate in the Hotelnacht Summer Staycation (the Dutch Hotelnight). Camping at Olof’s is open daily from July 8 from 4 pm to 11 pm. Reservations can be made through their website. Restaurant Vermeer is also open from Tuesday to Saturday in the summer months.




Website: Camping At Olof's

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