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With around 1750 beers on the beer list, specialty beer pub Café de Hazeburg in Ermelo (city in the East of the Netherlands) must be one of the biggest beer hall in the Netherlands. All these beers can be ordered cold because of the special beer tunnel that connects the pub with the specialty beer shop. The pub uses tablets and an online menu instead of a paper menu because of the wide and regular changing assortment.

Café de Hazeburg Ermelo

The project ‘Beer tunnel’ started in 2014. Owner Jan van Wilgenburg of café de Hazeburg built this tunnel together with friends, family and a little help from others. A year later, the beer tunnel was ready and all the 1750 beers from the shop could be served to the guests of the Café de Hazeburg.

It works as follows: via a tablet or mobile phone, guests can see the total assortment of the beers for sale at the shop. Once the guest selected his or her preferred beer, the shop receives the order and will send the beer to the pub. Whilst sending the beer from the shop to the pub, the beer is placed in a cooling machine for three to five minutes. Via a television screen in the pub guests can see the process of their beer leaving the shop and getting through the beer tunnel before the beer arrives at the table. A nice experience right?

Brewery, shop and pub

Jan and his daughter Tineke van Wilgenburg are the owners of the pub as and ‘De Burg Bier’ Bierwinkel. Furthermore they also brew their own beers at ‘De Burg Bier’ Brewery. The shops started with offering 500 beers but is currently one of the biggest specialty beer shops in the Netherlands.

Website: Burgbieren

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