CabinCubes hotels in Berlin


German company Composite GmbH introduced the CabinCube. These pop-up living cubes are inexpensive and can be used as both permanent and temporary location. The first CabinCube hotel was opened in Berlin lately and will soon be available in other parts of the world, including the Netherlands.

The Cabin Cube

The designers of the cubes are from a German company called Composite Gmbh. This company is specialized in mobile housing solutions which can be set up quickly. Besides the CabinCubes, the company also makes houseboats in which they use the same lightweight materials and space-saving furniture as the cubes.

CabinCubes are made of materials from 98% renewable raw materials and offer the main requirements to stay over as a guest. The CabinCubes are designed in four different types. The cheapest cube is around € 7.000,= while the most luxurious version costs € 23.000 and includes an own bathroom. The cubes are well insulated and therefore usable throughout the year.

Mobile solution

Berlin currently has three CabinCube hotels, the largest consisting out of 50 cubes. In January, when there are many back-pack travellers looking for rooms, the Berlin hotel cubes are 80% booked. Not bad, right? The cubes can be used as a temporary location as well, because of the weight and shape the cubes are easy to move. Guests of the famous Oktoberfest in Munich were already able to book the CabinCube for the night.

Enough possibilities with the cubes! Check out the website to see the different models, a few of them can be booked for private use as well.

Website: CabinCube

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