Buzzed – beer as a refill for your 3D printer?


‘Buzzed’ is an invention made by 3Dom USA for your 3D printer. This refill for your 3D printer is completely produced with the waste and by-products derived from the beer process.

With Buzzed you can…

The latest product from 3Dom USA is ‘Buzzed’ an official refill suitable for the use in a 3D printer. The thread is 100% made from waste and by-products derived from the beer process. The produced wire (‘Buzzed’) is 1.75 mm thick and gives your homemade product a rich golden colour and a distinctive natural grain. The bio-based ‘Buzzed’ is already the second product in the line of ‘c2composites’ that 3Dom USA brings to the market. The first product, also a refill for 3D printers, is made entirely of waste and by-products of coffee called, ‘Wound Up’.

Drinking beer from a home-made beer mug

As an example 3Dom USA made a beer mug of ‘Buzzed’. So for the real beer lovers and owners of a 3D printer, from now on you can drink your beer from a home-made mug made from beer!

You can use the refills of 3Dom USA in almost all PLA (a type of plastic made from natural raw materials) 3D printers. The cost for a role ‘Buzzed’ is $ 49, =. Are you inspired and did you make a nice product with the ‘Buzzed’, please let us know!

Website: 3Dom USA Buzzed

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