BOx – Bottle Opener X


BOx is a single hand bottle opener that will share your experience with your friends over wifi. Show your friends how many beers you already opened or see which restaurant or café has the most beers opened already. But you can also use the BOx in the safe drinking mode.


BOx is the world’s first smart bottle opener. A unique ergonomic design that will give a new dimension to your drinking experience. Users only need to slide BOx on top of the cap, grab the neck of the bottle firmly, pop the cap comfortably, and release.

BOx technology

It doesn’t only work as a bottle opener, but BOx also allows users to share the moment with their friends through various chat platforms like Facebook Messenger. BOx is powered by a AAA replaceable battery that can last up to a year, and comes with a wifi smart board that wirelessly connects it with the iOS or Android app. The board is activated every time BOx is in use and tracks the amount of bottles opened. This opens up limitless possibilities for the BOx, such as the safe drinking mode that will remind users on the number of bottles they had in the last hour and advise them on safe drinking behaviour.

BOx B-Place

As BOx was already successfully funded within less than a week, the team has just announced their stretched goal. The BOx B-Place, A Geo-location feature, that gives bar owners, event organizer or just simply couple of friends hosting a party, a new way to feature their event. All you have to do is go to the B-PLACE feature from the BOx App and activate the “DISCOVER ME” mode, now everyone can see live how hot your event is. A new cool way to check out what’s hot in your surroundings or to claim the biggest party in town.

Additional information

The smart bottle opener is now available for pre-order. For additional information about BOx visit their website or the Kickstarter page.

Website: BOx

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