Boergondisch Weekend at ‘t Noorden


  • Boergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in AaltenBoergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in Aalten
  • Boergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in AaltenBoergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in Aalten
  • Boergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in AaltenBoergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in Aalten
  • Boergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in AaltenBoergondisch Weekend bij 't Noorden in Aalten

It’s difficult to translate a word joke in another language but we will try to, restaurant ‘t Noorden in Aalten, a rural location in the Achterhoek region in the East of the Netherlands celebrates a Burgundy weekend but calls it Boergondic – (boer is the Dutch word for farmer). Back to Boergundy – A weekend with the best of two years of Boergundy on a brand new terrace and an incredible holiday setting. Delicious beers, wines and Boergondic snacks with live music. The Boergondisch Weekend takes place on 12, 13 and 14 August 2022 on the Boergundy holiday terrace at ‘t Noorden. Enjoy the healthy Farmer’s common sense!

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The Farmer’s common sense method

During the COVID-19 period in the summers of 2020 and 2021, ‘t Noorden, together with its neighbours, suppliers and partners, set up a wonderfully spacious Boergundic terrace in the green surroundings of the Achterhoek region. For one more weekend, this is the place in Aalten and the surrounding area to come together again in all tranquillity and space to enjoy drinks and food. The atmosphere of Boergundy can now be found on the renovated terrace of ‘t Noorden. Here, people enjoy themselves under the guise of the universally known the Dutch BV method, the farmer’s common sence method. Everyone wants to go to Boergundy!

The Harvest Festival in Aalten during the Boergondisch Weekend

Friday 12 August 20:00 – 00:00: Back to Boergundy. After the neighbourhood drinks, an evening of buckets of beers and the Dutch mini croquets ‘bitterballen’ with live music. Admission is free, but be on time!

Saturday 13 August 20:00 – 00:00: Boergundic holiday drinks. An evening with lots of fun and the music band ‘Brood op de Plank’. Admission is free, but be on time!

Sunday 14 August 11:00 – 17:00: Boergondisch Oogstfeest (Bohemian Harvest Festival). Boergondisch Oogstfeest Aalten for farmers, countrymen, villagers and tourists. In Aalten, on the Koningsweg next to ‘t Noorden, the Boergondisch Oogstfeest Aalten will be held on Sunday 14 August. A day from 11:00 to 17:00 where old times revive. There is free admission so everyone is welcome to come and experience this event for themselves. Men in farmer’s smocks hand-tie the rye, which is then tied by women in old-fashioned costumes. Afterwards, the terrace and playground at ‘t Noorden are open.

The harvest festival is organised especially for farmers, country folk and villagers, but also for tourists staying in Aalten and the surrounding area. An educational day for young and old. The children will come home and be able to tell great stories about what they experienced in Aalten during the harvest festival.

The organisation aims to promote and maintain old crafts such as threshing. Because of the holiday season it is held in the middle of August, so it is also accessible to the many tourists in the Achterhoek. From hand to machine, harvesting grain like in the old days. Grandmothers’ time revives this year during the harvest festival in Aalten on Sunday 14 August at the Koningsweg in Aalten, which is next to ‘t Noorden. A fun day for the whole family!

Visitors to the Harvest Festival can park their car for free in the car park of ‘t Noorden and afterwards enjoy a meal or a drink on the Boergundic terrace.

We wrote about the great initiatives from ‘t Noorden before, like for example about the ‘Nozem’ ice cream they created for those who went to the Zwarte Cross festival and passed by their place.

Website: 't Noorden

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