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  • Nozem Oil & Nozem ijs
  • Kruidentuin met Grolsch beugels

Visitors of the Zwarte Cross festival in the Netherlands can make a pit stop at ‘t Noorden in Aalten. The festival will start this weekend and party centre and pancake house ‘t Noorden is located on the route towards the festival. To attract more visitors in the days before the festivals, they decided to put some extra items on their menu. One of them is Nozem Ice Cream, made in collaboration with a farm where ice cream is being made. The ice cream is based on a popular drink being sold at Zwarte Cross: Nozem Oil.

Nozem Oil

It’s not a common drink in the Netherlands but visitors of the Zwarte Cross love it: Nozem Oil. Designed and developed by the organization of the festival in 2012, nowadays available at various stores, supermarkets, cafes and clubs in the Netherlands. The drink is presented as race oil: a blend for body and mind!

Nozem ice cream

The drink lubricates all organs and you get an energy boost while drinking it, as stated on the website. The flavours are citrus, a little chili, a bit of caffeine but very tasty and quite popular. Reasons enough for ‘T Noorden and ‘ice cream farm’ ‘t Olde Pietepol to make an ice cream out of it. The ice cream has the same flavours and ingredients as Nozem oil and is therefore not meant for children under 18 years old.

Other items available this week are a Zwarte Cross uitsmijter (bread with fried egg) and Grolsch beers to take away. As seen in the pictures above, the beers are growing between dill, parsley and chives, in the herb garden of the company. Would this work in every herb garden?

Website: 't Noorden

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