Blurring at the dentist


Drinking an alcohol-free beer at the dentist, again an excellent example of ‘Blurring’. There is a new dentist located at an old party centrum in Amsterdam, with an old bar which turned into a waiting room. Nervous? You can drink away the nerves with an alcohol-free beer, if possible ;-).


A good glass of wine while waiting for your turn at the hairdresser or having lunch at your local bakery. Both are a good example of ‘blurring’ in other word branch replacement. Blurring means that more than one discipline is offered at the same place, like retail, culture, leisure, work and events. And all that in combinations with the hospitality industry. We see it more and more recently, even though the rules aren’t clear for everybody yet.

Visitors of dental practice Welldent Mokum are getting to know the phenomenon of blurring. Dentist Wouter Vriesman decided to establish his dental practice in an old partycentre at the Middenweg in Amsterdam. Instead of changing the whole interior, he decided to make the dental practice out of the dance floor, and keep the bar as it was. The bar is used as a waiting room for the visitors of the dental practice.

A conscious choice, said dentist Vriesman on the radio: “Waiting rooms now a days are all so boring. Recently I started going with the train, and the only thing I see when I look around is people engaged with their mobiles. Nobody talks to each other anymore. It drives me crazy and the same happened in my waiting rooms. Now, with the bar as waiting room, it’s much more fun! People start to talk to each other again!”

Anxiety- and paediatric dentist

Dentist Vriesman started his career as an anxiety- and paediatric dentist. For those people who are scared the practice should be a relief. You’re in a total different surrounding and welcomed with a drink.

Although the idea of a dentist in an old bar may sound amazing, the municipality wasn’t too happy about it. They’re already controlled once before and they’re only permitted to serve alcohol-free beer. Dentist Vriesman doesn’t sell the alcohol-free beer, but gives it away free.

Almost all the reactions of the visitors are positive. “Fantastic, everybody loves it. At first everybody was a bit like ‘Wow, what is this’, but once people get the concept, they love it!”

Website: Dentist Welldent

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